Case Keenum on being listed as the backup to Colt McCoy: It’s news to me


Jay Gruden tried to explain Washington’s depth chart by saying the league made him do it and called it “silly” to have one this time of year. Silly or not, it made news when Colt McCoy was listed as the starter at quarterback ahead of Case Keenum with rookie Dwayne Haskins third.

Keenum heard the news from JP Finlay of on Monday when Finlay asked about the depth chart.

“I didn’t know,” Keenum said. “It’s news to me. Whatever reps I’m getting, I’m getting ready to play. That’s hands-down what I’m doing. [The depth chart] is for you guys to talk about. I’m not going to change what I do and how I approach each day.”

McCoy has played in Gruden’s system for five seasons, while Keenum and Haskins are newcomers to Washington. Keenum signed as a free agent, and Washington drafted Haskins in the first round.

Keenum said he still is getting down Gruden’s offensive system.

So that explains why McCoy is listed as the starter, but the regular season still is more than a month away.

“I don’t want to peak right now,” Keenum said. “I don’t want to peak as an offense right now. We’re still putting stuff in. It’s still the first time I’ve run some plays. We’re now getting to the point where there are staples to our offense. But you still want to be building. You still want to be climbing the mountain.”

Keenum remains the favorite to win the job for the season opener, though the team didn’t draft Haskins to sit for long. Keenum, 31, has the most experience of the trio, with 54 starts, 12,661 passing yards and 64 touchdowns.

5 responses to “Case Keenum on being listed as the backup to Colt McCoy: It’s news to me

  1. I thought Denver traded Keemun to ‘Skins? He wasn’t a free agent, right?

  2. Case and Colt are basically the same player– Case just has a bit more starting experience. They’re both undersized, rag-armed, Air Raid QBs.

  3. Keenum did not sign as a free agent, he was acquired via trade. The depth chart is meaningless. McCoy is just the longest-tenured player. They will all get reps in preseason. It’s a competition.

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