Cooper Kupp “felt great” taking hit in practice

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Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp spent the back half of last season recovering from a torn ACL, which meant he had to get used to watching plays rather than taking part in them.

That wasn’t where Kupp wanted to be, but he said that there were benefits. Kupp said standing behind quarterback Jared Goff offered a different angle than he was used to and that it provided the wideout with “an overall better understanding of the whole defense.”

Taking full advantage of that increased knowledge of the defense this season will require staying on the field. Head coach Sean McVay said he hasn’t seen “any effects of the knee injury” and Kupp said that getting through the first contact practice was a big milestone.

“A guy gives you a pop, you roll up, hit the ground and pop back up,” Kupp said, via the Los Angeles Daily News. “Honestly, I didn’t really realize I’d gone down. And it’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, my first time really being hit and being on the ground.’ But it felt great. You get that first one out of the way, and you’re good.”

Kupp’s absence didn’t leave the Rams empty-handed on offense, but a full return to form would be a welcome development in their bid for another playoff run.

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  1. Could’ve made the key difference in the SB, but Pats could say the same about 2011 & 2017. It is what it is – health & luck are very key ingredients to win a Super Bowl in the Parity Era.

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