Bears feel “this is the time to push the envelope” offensively

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The development of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is of paramount importance to the Bears, but that doesn’t mean they are going to stress out about every unsuccessful throw that he uncorks during practice.

Trubisky said on Monday that that the offense has “been in a lot of situations this camp that we haven’t seen in the past couple years or in practices” and working through those situations has led to some errors. Quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone said that “this is the time to push the envelope” because you can work to correct anything that goes wrong and head coach Matt Nagy also espoused the belief that practice is a time for measured responses to miscues.

“When you do that, you’re going to beat your head into the ground,” Nagy said, via “You can’t do that. We have big picture. There’s going to be some balls in here, there’s interceptions. I said it last year. We don’t get frustrated over that. We’re testing some things out.”

Trubisky said that the offense has to “keep evolving and keep getting better” and that the “trial and error” of training camp practices is part of that process. They’ve got another month of that before any interceptions or other errors are going to be a source of frustration for all involved.

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  1. Trubisky lit up our defense last year, heck even Chase Daniel beat us with ease. Definitely the year to push the envelop Bears.

  2. It’s Year 2 in this offense and Year 3 overall for Trubisky. Time to take the training wheels off and let it rip.

    But Nagy needs to make sure he doesn’t forget about the run game. BALANCE can only HELP Trubiskys development.

  3. It sounds to me like the defense might be even better than it was last year.

    Regarding Trubisky: he might not be the best QB from his class, but by the end of the year it’ll be clear he’s the best QB the Bears have ever had.

  4. While everyone talks about Trubisky having another year in the Bears offense, no one seems to be talking about the fact that opposing teams now have another year’s worth of film on both Trubisky and on Nagy’s offense. They need to push the envelope to avoid regression.

  5. joetoronto says:
    August 6, 2019 at 9:40 am

    I must’ve missed it, did they trade for a QB?


    Trubisky is a better QB than any of the Raiders QBs. You’re just mad and bitter the Bears won the Mack trade because your Raiders failed to draft a QB or a replacement for Mack.

  6. Look at Allen Robinson’s targets versus catches last year. Very few of those misses were drops. Most were on Trubisky. You don’t just become accurate after years of sailing passes 10 feet over your WR’s heads. It doesn’t matter if they create the best scheme ever devised and put Trubisky in the simplest or most complex football situations possible. He’s not an accurate passer. If the Bears continue to be successful it will be in spite of Trubisky, not because of him.

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