Bears to unveil statues of Walter Payton, George Halas

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The franchise founder and the greatest player in franchise history will be immortalized outside Soldier Field as the Bears kick off their 100th season.

The Bears announced today that statues of George Halas and Walter Payton will be unveiled at Soldier Field on Tuesday, September 3, two days before the Bears host the Packers in the opener of the NFL’s 100th season, which is also the Bears’ 100th season.

“It is only appropriate that the father of professional football and the greatest player in the history of the game are being honored in this way, and perhaps no better time for the unveiling than as we kick off our centennial season,” said Bears chairman George H. McCaskey. “Thank you to the Chicago Park District, Soldier Field and SMG for their support throughout the process, and to sculptor Chad Fisher for his artistry in bringing his subjects to life.”

Halas founded the Bears and spent 40 years as their head coach. Payton was chosen as the greatest player in Bears history in a recent listing of the franchise’s 100 best players in anticipation of the team’s 100th season.

17 responses to “Bears to unveil statues of Walter Payton, George Halas

  1. You all can take Belichick. I still put Lambeau, Halas, and Lombardi as the best head coaches in NFL history.

    You all also can take whatever RB you want and I will take ‘Sweetness’ over them. I bleed Green and Gold, but Walter Payton was the best RB I ever saw play and it isn’t even close.

    I can’t wait to see these statues outside Soldier Field.



  2. Personally, I would’ve like a Payton statue after he died,not 20 years later. Without a doubt, the greatest RB ever.
    R.I.P Sweetness.

  3. Great year to do it, Bears have 100 seasons in the NFL and they have a great up and coming young QB that looks to be primed to have a huge season! Good for the Bears!!!

  4. The Bears are going to be great, I love what Ryan Pace has done for this organization! I’m excited to watch Trubisky thrive in that stellar Matt Nagy offense. That defense is going to be hot out the gate and everyone better watch out!!!

  5. What a great time to release these statues – Centennial season for the Chicago Bears!

    Go Bears!

  6. I want to see the NFL logo redone to include Sweetness. To me, he defines the NFL.

    Have you ever read the book “Sweetness”? May change your opinion of Mr. Payton. While he was a beast on the field, some of his off-field conduct may rival some of today’s best.

  7. I met Walter once at a gas station in Hoffman Estates, near where he lived (and Connie still does). The most gracious man I’ve ever met. A true hero.

  8. Wonderful and fitting gesture. I hope to visit Soldier Field one day to see these for myself. #BearDown!

  9. As a Vikings fan, Sweetness is the best NFL player of all time. On and off the field this guys is the best ever and it isn’t even close. Sweetness was appreciated but at the same time was very unappreciated as to what he did and what he meant to his team. The Bears were not the best team over the years that he played (other than the ’85 Bears). But Walter would bring it every Sunday. This statue was Long over due.

  10. Wonderful thing for a great player who left us way too soon. Would be great to see a team celebrating their 100th season get to the Super Bowl. Versus anybody but the Patriots.

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