Brandon Beane: Bills felt comfortable with injury histories of free agent signings

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Bills cornerback E.J. Gaines is going to miss a few weeks with a groin injury, so he’ll be joining another one of the team’s free agent acquisitions on the sideline for the time being.

Center Mitch Morse is in the concussion protocol after suffering the fourth documented concussion of his pro career in the team’s first practice of training camp. Gaines also has a lengthy injury history, which the Bills know well after having him on the team for the 2017 season.

General Manager Brandon Beane said that the team was aware of those histories, but felt they “would be fine and could play.” Beane also said that it’s hard to find players on the free agent market without some history of injuries.

“When you get guys that play in the league, rarely are you going to get a guy that comes in and has never had an injury. So you have to pick and choose,” Beane said, via “This is a physical game. We understand the guys that have a total clean history versus the guys that have had some things. Rarely are you going to find a top talented player that has no dings, that’s a good citizen and that fits our culture that get away [from teams]. [Those players] get resigned.”

Beane said that past injuries are sometimes “a predictor of it happening and sometimes it’s not.” Unfortunately for the Bills, it looks like history is repeating itself for two of the players they brought in this offseason.

8 responses to “Brandon Beane: Bills felt comfortable with injury histories of free agent signings

  1. It’s not like he put all his eggs in one basket with what they did this off season. They prepared well by increasing depth all over the place. The lines are much stronger and the secondary has depth like never before. That being said you want the best guys (Morse in particular) to stay healthy, so I wish them speedy recoveries.

  2. It’s Buffalo. Chances are that unless someone grew up in the area, you are always going to have to take at least slightly damaged goods on the UFA market. You have almost no draw there. The city is mediocre at best, the team has no history of success, and the market is tiny. The Bills would normally have to overpay, or take some risks on character or durability. Really, it is just pragmatic planning.

  3. Morse is the only guy I’m concerned with. It can’t be too bad if he didn’t know it for 3 days and was out in the bright sun with music blaring taking snaps on the sideline. I’m guessing his absence is precautionary.

  4. First off… you know EJ is going to get hurt.. that is ok though. That is why you bring in other guys to compete with him and don’t just give him a spot. Morse.. that is tough.. I mean we need consistency on the O Line for the running game and having your Center hurt is a big blow for sure.

  5. The Bills 2 biggest Free Agency signings were Mitch Morse at Center and Tyler Kroft at Tight End. Morse had a history of 3 concussions and Kroft missed a whole season with a broken foot. In the first practice for each – Morse got a concussion and Kroft broke his foot. Sheesh.

  6. Gaines isn’t much of a concern. They have plenty of other options there and he was unlikely to start anyhow. Morse is a concern, though. They paid him huge money to be THE guy.

  7. Big guys with lower leg problems and little guys with hamstring problems? Usually become repeat customers on IR.

    Anyone with three concussions in two years, in a league built on hiding them? Yeah.

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