Hard Knocks has second-highest premiere in show’s past nine seasons


The season premiere of Hard Knocks drew 879,000 viewers via television and digital platforms, making it the second-highest premiere in the show’s past nine seasons, according to HBO.

Viewers, though, might not return next Tuesday unless it picks up steam.

The first episode featured little behind-the-scenes from training camp, with few scenes from meeting rooms, the training room or the locker room.

Rookie safety Johnathan Abram starred, and his teammates gave him a hard time Wednesday.

I watched it, yeah,” Carr said, via Scott Bair of NBCSportsBayArea.com. “Tell John Abram to move his car.”

Abram parked his car close to Carr’s as he arrived at training camp, and joked about it, in one of the opening scenes.

7 responses to “Hard Knocks has second-highest premiere in show’s past nine seasons

  1. Watched it for the first time ever. Made it easier to understand how belichick dominates the league. He is demanding but totally genuine, not another phony hard guy act. Gruden should be embarrassed.

  2. Gruden is actually acting the same way he did in his previous Raider stint so it’s not phony. For me I always enjoy seeing athletes be regular people with their families and interacting with each other no matter the sport. For the rest especially sports media if there is no real or perceived drama then it’s boring.

  3. Boring! What happened to reality? Gruden edited everything that may be of interest. HBO should pull the show or the NFL needs to slap Gruden’s wrist for his extensive editing. Did anyone really watch the whole show? The Raiders just killed the golden goose.

  4. The League office sees nothing wrong with compelling a team to put itself at a competitive disadvantage as long as it brings in revenue.

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