Johnathan Abram insists it’s pronounced “sal-mon” with an “l”


The funniest moment of the first episode of Hard Knocks on Tuesday came when rookie Johnathan Abram was seated across from quarterback Derek Carr at a restaurant. Abram asked Carr the pronunciation of “salmon.”

It was hard to tell whether Abram was serious or joking when he debated Carr about whether the “l” was silent.

Reporters asked Abram on Wednesday whether he really believed it was pronounced as “sal-mon.”

“Sal-Mon, not salmon,” Abram said with a chuckle, via Scott Bair of “I mean give me a couple words where the ‘l’ is silent.”

Presented with the word “calf,” Abram offered his own pronunciation.

“Like a CAL-F. You don’t hear the F?” Abram said. “I know a couple. Like could and should and would, the L is silent. But I just think salmon should be SAL-MON instead of salmon.”

The great salmon debate of Raiders camp continues.

“It’s definitely salmon,” Carr said, laughing, on Wednesday, via Bair. “I don’t know what he’s talking about. But like I said, that guy never needs to change.”

10 responses to “Johnathan Abram insists it’s pronounced “sal-mon” with an “l”

  1. I thought that episode of Hard Knocks was so boring and Abram sees like an idiot. I hope the HK season picks up as I was really looking forward to watching this train wreck unfold.

  2. Truth is it’s really only pronounced that way in the states. The English I’ve heard across the rest of the globe undoubtedly does pronounce its SAL-mon. So in reality, both are fine!

  3. That guy was super annoying and is an idiot. He’s been in trouble before for hitting teammates in practice causing an injury.

  4. He absolutely needs to change some of that attitude he gave Gruden. “You can’t cut me.” If he plays well he’ll get a little leeway but he better hope he does because that sort of mentality and attitude from a rookie gets really old, really fast for a coach in the midst of a losing season. Abram needs to realize there are two people on that team that can’t be cut – their names are Derek and Antonio.

  5. But both “salmon” and “calf” use a slight amount of soft L if enunciated correctly. However, the trio of words “should”, “would” and “could” all have a truly silent L.

  6. Terrible first episode. Worst I’ve seen all the years I’ve watched the show. I expected a whole lot more football and a whole lot less “feature stories” that oozed triteness.

  7. His appearance for that short amount of time, I was so annoyed. It was just obnoxious the entire time.

  8. if it was sal-mon-ella then he would be correct, but its not. its salmon. silent l. always has been always will be.

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