Kliff Kingbury makes it clear that Michael Crabtree remains on the radar

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Despite characterizations in some circles that downplayed the tryout as a due-diligence tire kicking, the Cardinals wanted to sign receiver Michael Crabtree — and the Cardinals believed they would be signing him. Even though Crabtree balked at $2.5 million in base pay along with up to $2 million in incentives, the door remains open.

Anything can happen,” coach Kliff Kingsbury told reporters on Tuesday, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “Like I said, he’s a tremendous player. He’s been very successful in the league. So we’ll see what happens.”

Kingsbury and the Cardinals also seem to be trying to remind Crabtree that the “anything” includes the team possibly signing someone else.

“We’re going to continue to bring guys in that we think can possibly improve our roster and Mike is a guy who I’ve known for a long time and has had a ton of success in this league,” Kingsbury said. “So we’re going to keep bringing guys in and see what fits.”

Crabtree was one of three receivers who worked out for the Cardinals on Monday. Terrance Williams also worked out. Other available veterans include Kelvin Benjamin, Dez Bryant, Justin Hunter, Pierre Garçon, Jordy Nelson (who has announced his retirement but who remains a free agent), and Darrius Heyward-Bey (who like Crabtree was a top-10 draft pick in 2009).

Forgotten by some after a one-year stint in Baltimore, Crabtree averaged more than 50 yards per game during Joe Flacco‘s time as quarterback last year. After Lamar Jackson replaced Flacco, Crabtree’s production fell under 20 yards per game.

8 responses to “Kliff Kingbury makes it clear that Michael Crabtree remains on the radar

  1. Kelvin Benjamin was a an interesting target until he got hurt. I wouldn’t touch Dez Braynt. Too much me in Dez. I like Jordy Nelson, but his time has come and gone. Let him stay retired. Hayward-Bey was a wasted pick period. Pierre Garson was decent until he also got hurt. Frankly I not familiar with Justin Hunter.

    Because of the familiarity between Kingsbury and Crabbtree, it’s Crabbtree offer to turn down. I don’t the Cardinals will increase their offer. Time to start kicking the tires on others WR.

  2. I don’t understand guys who would rather play for zero than for a measly couple million dollars. Also, the chance to play with Larry Fitzgerald? He ought to play for the vet minimum just for the privilege.

  3. Needs more than $2.5M. He needs enough to cover his losses when Aqib Talib (Rams) steals his bling twice a year.

  4. He already played with Lamar Jackson last year. I’m not sure Crabtree wants to do it over again with another rookie scrambling QB, even it is for Kingsbury.

    Crabtree isn’t good enough to be worth much more consternation by the Cards, honestly. Even at his height he wasn’t a top five caliber receiver in the league, and certainly was not that in Baltimore. His attitude is also suspect. There aren’t enough reasons to sign him to surpass $2.5 million as an offer. You can get veteran receivers for much less who can produce the same yardage that are less questionable attitude/ego wise.

  5. Actually… if I were Crabtree, I would have sprinted to sign that deal, as I thought it was a massive overpay for Crabtree.

    He is quite frankly….

    Not that good.

    An aging slot receiver, who no longer can separate AND he cant catch????

    Oooooooh…. where do we sign up for ome of those !!!!

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