Looking at the most bizarre NFL injuries of all time

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Raiders receiver Antonio Brown froze his feet in a cryotherapy machine, and as a result of it he has missed eight of nine practices with his new team. From Brown’s self-inflicted misfortune (he didn’t wear the proper foot protection) came inspiration for Wednesday’s PFT Live.

Charean Williams and I drafted the most bizarre injuries in NFL history.

Some happened on the field, some happened away from it. All were definitely bizarre.

For the full list, check out the attached video.

22 responses to “Looking at the most bizarre NFL injuries of all time

  1. Fireworks and Jason Pierre-Paul for the Giants. Not making fun of it. A cautionary tale.

  2. Most bizarre NFL injuries during the game has to be Bears WR Wedell Davis. His cleats got stuck in the Astroturf after making a catch and he tore both his patellar tendons when he was tackled.

  3. I never watch the dumb videos, so don’t know if these were included, but Brian Griese tripping over his dog has to be up there. Also Griese supposedly falling in a driveway at a party (widely speculated that one of his teammates socked him). Jake Plummer broke a bone in his foot getting off his couch. Brandon Marshall and the infamous McDonald’s bag.

  4. @Micheal Falk..
    Veterans Stadium’s field cost Wendall Davis both knee’s. I was at that game. His knees were done on landing but he wasn’t touched by any player. Was horrible to see. That turf had more “dirty hits” then Vontez Burfict

  5. Not the most bizzare, but Ricky Williams finally coming back to Muami only to get a pectoral injury from a step to the chest is up there.

  6. Not a Bears fan, but live in IL, and I remember the Wendell Davis play. Veterans Stadium in Philly, that turf was notoriously the worst. I think Michael Irvin got hurt there, too. Horrible turf in those days.

  7. I got hit in the eye with a penalty flag when I was 15. Detached my retina. Surgery at Wills Eye Hospital in Philly. This was 20 years before the Dude on the Browns suffered the same injury.

  8. Some of the motorcycle, ATV, and similar type accidents are notable for the bizarre circumstances in some of those incidents. But to me, hands down it has to be the kicker Martine Gramatica (or his brother) tearing his ACL after celebrating a kick. Classic!

  9. Down in Tampa, Vinnie Testaverde was on track to break the record for most interceptions in a season. But fortunately he “strained his back falling in the shower” and missed one week. But nobody believed he was really injured. We all knew it was a coaching decision so he wouldn’t break that record. So, never mind.

  10. An Eagles safety named J. R. Reid was drafted in 2004 and become their return specialis and was an up and coming player who was expected to compete for a starting safety role in his 2nd year. But during the off season he jumped a fence at his Florida home and cut the back of his knee when he came down, unfortunately he damaged the peroneal nerve in the back of the knee, which helps control the movement of the lower leg. He bounced around in some camps after that non-football injury while wearing a brace to try and help control his lower leg movement but was never the same player again.

    That is the weirdest injury I have ever heard of that ended a football career.

  11. The ref throwing the flag at the dudes eye will definitely happen again. They still throw the flag right at the players instead of up in the air. Makes zero sense.

  12. The Bucs in-house doctor cut the tip of Alvin Harper’s finger off. Always a great thing to do to a receiver. Also, they gave that poor kid Lawrence Tynes MRSA.

  13. Lion’s receiver Nate Burleson suffering a broken arm in the result of a car crash caused by Burleson trying to prevent a slice of pizza from sliding off his passenger seat.

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