Matt Patricia hopes to be on sideline for Thursday’s game

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Lions head coach Matt Patricia has been using an ATV to get around the practice field at training camp after having foot surgery this offseason, but using that vehicle won’t be an option during Thursday’s preseason game against the Patriots.

NFL rules forbid such equipment on the sideline and they also dictate that team personnel should not be on the sideline if they are wearing casts or using crutches to get around. That would suggest that Patricia will be working from the booth as the Lions open up their exhibition schedule, but he said Tuesday that he’s still hoping to be on the sideline.

“We’re working through all that,” Patricia said, via the Detroit Free Press. “I don’t think I’ll be riding the ATV around, unfortunately, on the sideline so we’re just trying to figure out how I can have some mobility and be able to be in a position where I’m not kind of in the mix of any sort of situation.”

The elevated chair that Booger McFarland used to patrol the sideline on Monday Night Football last year might work as a way to split the difference between sideline and booth. With McFarland moving upstairs this season, the Lions might be able to snag it for their head coach.

11 responses to “Matt Patricia hopes to be on sideline for Thursday’s game

  1. Please don’t ever try to argue for bringing back the booger-mobile, for any reason, ever again.

  2. I’d love to see him being carried around on a platform by like six dudes like an Egyptian Pharaoh. That would be hilarious. I guess they would need a seventh dude to carry the cord for his headset.

  3. Maybe a hologram of Patricia on the sidelines while the real Patricia is filmed upstairs?

  4. Hopefully his team doesn’t get shredded by a 2nd and 3rd string QB. Hopefully Patricia will be fired after this season when the Lions finish in last place with a 3-13 record.

  5. It dont matter where he is,its an exhibition game and his appearance on the sidelines is not important.

  6. I honestly didnt know that Booger gets to go in the booth. Ive listened alot to Booger on SiriusNFL radio and think this move has a slim chance of working. If not Ill go SAP to work on my spanish lol. I hope they can get a good show going because it was subpar last couple years.

  7. Its Pre season, go upstairs be safe and evaluate your program from a different view. Surely your assistants can handle a pre season game

  8. Well its time to see our depth, you can do that from anywhere. I just hope we have some depth because it will put us in or take us out of the playoffs

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