Sam Darnold: Tom Brady’s where I want to be, I can’t give him anything

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady received good wishes from many people when he turned 42 years old on August 3, but none came from one of the quarterbacks chasing him in the AFC East.

Sam Darnold was asked to take part in a video with other NFL players wishing Brady happy returns, but he declined to take part in the project. Darnold said that he’ll chat with Brady after games between the two teams, but felt that taking part in a birthday celebration would be giving something he’s unwilling to give to a player who has reached heights that Darnold hopes to reach during his own career.

“That’s just it, man — knowing what I’ve got to do,” Darnold said, via Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. “I’m going to get every competitive edge I can, because he’s going to do the same thing. He’s the ultimate competitor. He’s exactly where I want to be when I’m his age. To chase that, I can’t be giving him anything.”

Whether this qualifies as a competitive edge or not is certainly subject to debate. As with players using musty criticisms from early in their careers as motivational chips, however, Darnold’s belief that it gives him one may be more significant than any conclusion drawn from that debate.

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  1. That sounds very immature – what exactly do you stand to lose from a “competitive edge” standpoint by not wishing a guy a happy birthday?

  2. Brady called Mahomes into a room after a tough loss in the AFCC gm and had a little 1 on 1. Wonder if Mahomes thinks he benefitted

  3. Oh, Sam. My dear Sam. You will be fortunate to be Tony Romo, more or less Tom Brady. Just wait until the Jets start out 0-6 or 0-7 this year. We’ll see what Darnold is talking about then.

  4. @1billsnation

    Worry about Josh Allen, who by all reports out of Buffalo is having a pretty embarrassing camp for a second year pro who was supposed to dramatically. If He’s still airmailing it and tossing multiple INT’s in a live game and not a “shell practice” with a shortened field and vanilla play calls, I think the Bills will be the ones having the rough start.

  5. I think essentially what he’s talking about is, he can’t afford to be cordial with him, because he feels like it gives him a competitive edge to look at him like the enemy, so you start to make nice, sweet happy birthday videos, and some of that adversary mentality is lost. It’s why some fighters need to psych themselves up to be angry at their opponent, and others don’t. All competitors have a mentality they must embody that they feel gives them the best “edge”.

  6. I love how on the one had Darnold “isn’t giving him anything” but in the very next sentence he anticipates still talking to Brady after games like they’re buddies.

  7. Child, please. If Brady wants something from you, he’ll just take it. Your best hope was to be seen and not heard, and it’s too late for the latter.

  8. Love Sams competitiveness…Its football season gotta have that mindset and as a Jets fan I don’t want to see him wishing the guy that ruined most of our Sundays for years a Happy Birthday…Whats hard to understand? Hes the enemy.

    Ask Jimmy G if Brady has givin him anything? lol

  9. You guys realize he’s just doing this to endear himself to Jets fans, right? Simple “He’s the enemy” rhetoric. Don’t overthink it.

  10. The real question here is why did someone think he owed a Happy Bday wish to TB12? I certainly didn’t send one and I’m a huge fan.

  11. There is absolutely NO ‘competitive edge’ to be gained or lost by wishing the oldest QB in football a damn Happy Birthday

    What a clown

    Typical Jet.

    He’ll probably be out of football before Brady is.

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