Adam Gase wins pass interference challenge


Jets coach Adam Gase became the first coach to win a pass interference challenge.

Gase threw his red challenge flag on an incomplete pass on third-and-eight with 8:56 remaining in the third quarter. Gase asked for a review of Giants defensive back Corey Ballentine;s contact against Jets receiver Tim White.

The Jets won, with Al Riveron, the NFL’s senior vice president of officiating, ruling from New York that Ballentine interfered with White. It was a 33-yard penalty.

“In #NYJvsNYG, the defender significantly hinders the receiver’s opportunity to catch the ball,” Riveron tweeted. “The ruling on the field is changed because there is clear and obvious visual evidence of defensive pass interference.”

In March, owners voted to expand replay to include pass interference. It came in response to Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman‘s early hit on then-Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis late in the NFC Championship Game that didn’t draw a flag.

13 responses to “Adam Gase wins pass interference challenge

  1. Pass interference penalties can be huge. I bet many coaches would want to save their challenges and use them for interference calls or non-calls.

  2. Sorry but this is total B.S. because there will be multiple games where everyone will clearly see pass interference on the replay but it won’t be called, even after review. Same with non calls. It’s also going to happen with TD passes & non controlled catches. Sometimes it’s almost as if they make up the rules on the fly.

    This is only going to create more problems & more controversy

  3. Hard to believe the CFL figured out PI review years ahead of the NFL. Is it perfect in the CFL, not a chance, but it still corrects a lot of calls that affect the outcome of a game.

  4. None more obvious than against Robey-Coleman!
    I don’t think this fixes the problem though. When you have as many refs on the field you should expect the call be made by them. Just looked blatant!

  5. If they’re going to go this route then they need to change PI so it’s not a spot foul. Nobody wants to see the outcome of a game changed by the video guy’s judgement call outweighing the ref on the field’s judgement call.

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