Dak Prescott: Tony Pollard “one of the most exciting players” in training camp

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Tony Pollard returned seven kickoffs for touchdowns over the last three seasons at Memphis, so it was easy to ticket him for special teams work when he was drafted by the Cowboys in the fourth round this April.

It didn’t take long for the Cowboys to talk about Pollard being able to do more than just return kicks, however, and the good feelings about Pollard haven’t dissipated this summer. Pollard’s getting more first-team work than expected with Ezekiel Elliott holding out and his name continually comes up when coaches talk about players who have done well in training camp.

The rookie’s also gotten the seal of approval from quarterback Dak Prescott.

“One of the most exciting players to me of this training camp,” Prescott said, via the Dallas Morning News. “The things that he’s been able to do running the ball, catching the ball out of the backfield. He’s making plays. And he’s really an intelligent dude. A really smart guy. When we’re in the offense, or in the offensive unit, or in the team meetings, anytime coach calls him out on his responsibility, without a hesitation he’s getting that right. That’s what you want to see from a young guy.”

Elliott will be the No. 1 back in Dallas once he reports for duty, but Pollard’s work in his absence makes it likely that the team is going to find ways to use him whether Elliott is in the lineup or not.

20 responses to “Dak Prescott: Tony Pollard “one of the most exciting players” in training camp

  1. How do you reduce the leverage of your star RB? Have your public face and team leader say your backup has been great in camp.

  2. Well Dak inadvertently just talked smack about every other guy at camp…. great job..#DallasUnerachievesYearly

  3. Like I said 2 weeks ago, Zeke your teammates got your back until they don’t. Your decision to hold out is on par with your off field antics decision making skills.

  4. But the real question is, can he become the straw, if you will, that stirs the cowboys drink…..

  5. The odd things is as reported Dak, Zeke and Cooper all have team friendly deals (cheap) on the table and none of them have signed yet…I guess be a cowboy isn’t quite worth that several million a year that Jerry (and Stephen) think it is.

    Players always want money first especially with their second contract, winning a Superbowl rates at about 5% versus guaranteed money and total contract.

  6. Elliot should be happy his company supported him through all his dumb choicestake a healthy offer and do the right thing Pollard’s overall ability might make you expendable when considering that o line

  7. You people don’t realize he’s asked a question before a response right? “Hey Dak how has the new rookie looked in camp?” and then Dak gives said response. Nothing more than a response to a question lol has nothing to do with Dak not having Zeke’s back…

  8. Zeke is smart to do what he’s doing…he saw how the Cowboys rewarded DeMarco Murray…It also puts the Cowboys in the unenviable position of wasting a top 5 draft pick on a player they don’t even want long term…lolol…and it’s not like Zeke is a bust…he’s the best running back in the league…

  9. Saquon Barkley is the most talented in the league it Zeke on Giants line and .with no holes at the line of scrimmage he has no momentum to bowl people over

  10. Murray had one season that he played all 16 games. You can’t give a guy top RB money that was always banged up and not on the field.

  11. If Dallas wanted to let Zeke walk the wouldn’t have picked up his 5th year option . They then drafted two running backs to save him as far as his workload goes the first number one pick and he’s gone if he don’t report

  12. I’m a Dallas fan since 1975 Elliot would not have two rushing tittles if not for the line the team went to bat for him with all his mistakes he’s made.he needs to sign fast I’m sure the the team made a nice offer two him

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