Josh Allen came out throwing against the Colts

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The Bills came into Thursday night’s preseason opener with a plan and that plan called for Josh Allen to get in a lot of throwing before giving way to Matt Barkley.

The Bills called for passes on 15 of the 17 plays they ran during Allen’s first two series. He was 6-of-11 for 66 yards through the air with two plays wiped out by penalties, a sack and a scramble accounting for the plays that don’t show up on that line.

Allen’s development as a passer is crucial to the Bills’ chances this season and their offensive approach on Thursday night made it clear that the team will do whatever they can to boost that process.

Allen would have thrown fewer passes and avoided the sack had wide receiver Zay Jones held onto a ball thrown to him on the goal line. Jones dropped it and took a hit to the head, which led to a trip to the medical tent on the sideline. Jones eventually returned to the locker room for further evaluation of a head injury.

UPDATE 8:14 p.m. ET: Jones was cleared after a concussion evaluation, but will not return to the game now that backups are in on both sides.

10 responses to “Josh Allen came out throwing against the Colts

  1. Am I missing something? He looked bad. The incompletion on 3rd down should of been ahead of Zay Jones to avoid the hit and he airmailed the two deep balls. He also missed countless reads, his eyes linger too long to the front side after his routes are covered and misses the check downs on the backside.

  2. im getting nervous about JA. starting to wonder if his flaws can be corrected. if they can, I have very little faith this staff can. McDerrmott isn’t exactly a QB guru.

  3. It’s preseason. It is better to look good then bad, but this is meaningless. If Allen was 12/13 for 2 tds and 198 yards it doesn’t matter! Let’s wait for real football and joe for no injuries.

  4. Allen looked good during his short time on the field. He hit Beasley over the middle, Brown on a comeback and Jones on a sideline pass. All in all, besides a few drops by ZJ, Allen played solid in the 17-20 plays he was out there.

    The Bills D looks legit!

  5. Mr 52% had a great game, he went 54.5%!

    Every team has drops, EVERY team. This guy is inaccurate, plain and simple.


  6. JA showed very little improvement from last season. He is not an accurate passer, and his receivers are going to suffer from that. With a year of film on him, teams are going to take his running/scrambling away from him, and make the Bills beat them with Josh’s arm. Uh oh.

  7. 1 quarter of preseason action…yup he’s terrible. If he would have lit it up and the fans got all gaga, you guys would be telling us to chill out. It’s preseason, the first game! Peterman completed like 75% of his passes or something…what did that get him? Now he’s the future starting quarterback of the future vegas raiders clownshow

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