Mark Davis unloads on the A’s

Getty Images

Raiders owner Mark Davis did an interview with The Athletic during which he crapped all over the Athletics.

The transcript of the session with Vic Tafur contains enough profanity to make Raiders coach Jon Gruden think, “Man, that guy swears a lot.” And Davis directs some of it at the A’s.

“Unfortunately, there’s a problem there,” Davis said regarding the A’s effort to get a new stadium in the city from which the Raiders will be fleeing. “As far as the players and everybody, we love the A’s. We seriously do. But the front office has been real pricks. They’ve been really f–king around with us up there, taking advantage of the situation. Which, it is their right to do it, but it makes it hard. Again though, we love the players, we love the A’s.”

Asked about a conflict between the city and the county regarding the posibility of selling the land on which the Coliseum is located to the A’s, Davis offered this general observation: “They’re f–king totally dysfunctional. It’s that f–king bad over there.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Davis said that he’s been careful not to alienate the fans in Oakland as the Raiders prepare to leave for Las Vegas.

“I’ve . . . been aware of Oakland and not wanting to rub it in their face or anything else,” Davis told Tafur. “So we’re not able to celebrate everything, entirely, out of respect.”

Still, it’s clear that Davis is happy to be getting out of Oakland, and to be taking the team to Las Vegas.