Paxton Lynch: Seahawks more family friendly than Broncos

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Paxton Lynch lasted fewer than three seasons with the Denver Broncos despite the team using a first-round pick on him in the 2016 NFL Draft. Now in Seattle, Lynch is getting a chance to face his former team in his first preseason outing with the Seahawks.

In reflecting upon his time in Denver and what he feels is different with the Seahawks, Lynch said late last week he believes the atmosphere around the team is more welcoming.

“It feels closer, it feels like a family,” Lynch said. “I bring my fiancé out here, I bring my dad out here and they even say it too, they feel so much more welcome around everybody. They’re so good to them, they treat them so good, they treat the players good so, it feels good, it feels like you’re a part of the family. It feels like everybody’s close.”

The Broncos released Lynch at the end of training camp last season and he did not land with another team for the entirety of the 2018 campaign. Lynch said the Washington Redskins wanted to sign him late in the year but he decided to wait it out instead. Certainly having a first-round pick be jettisoned in less than three seasons was a disappointment for both the Broncos and Lynch.

However, Broncos G.M. John Elway doesn’t agree with Lynch’s assessment. When asked about Lynch’s comments by 9NEWS, Elway said he believes the Denver culture and atmosphere is just fine.

I don’t know how Seattle runs things,” Elway said, via Nicki Jhabvala of “I’ve never been in their camp, just played against them. But I feel comfortable with where we are as far as being friendly. I will say this: If you don’t have success, nothing is very friendly, and when he was in Denver he didn’t have a lot of success there. So therefore, I can understand in his mind why it was not a very pleasant stay in Denver. And it’s too bad it happened. I’m glad he’s getting another shot up here, and it’d be nice to see him have some success.”

Lynch appeared in just five games for Denver with four starts. He completed 61.7 percent of passes for 792 yards with four touchdowns and four interceptions. Lynch remains grateful for the chance the Broncos gave him and knows both parties would have benefited from a different outcome.

“I was glad for the opportunity to get into the league, obviously,” Lynch said. “I was very thankful that they drafted me in the first round and gave me the opportunity to play there. Things didn’t work out how I wanted them to and I’m sure how they wanted to as well. I’m kind of glad that I got a fresh start and I know that they’re doing their thing too.”

12 responses to “Paxton Lynch: Seahawks more family friendly than Broncos

  1. Talk that the Seahawks are more like a family has heard from several players that have been on other teams. I think it’s a great thing, but at the end of the day, Paxton isn’t going to be liking the family feeling when he gets cut since Geno Smith (Geno Smith!) has been beating him out in practices so far.

  2. This Seahawks fan wants Paxton Lynch as our backup not Geno Smith.

    Geno just blah…always has been. But Paxton’s energy tonight was awesome. I think he totally fits in here and now has a huge chip on his shoulder after being dismissed by Denver. That is just how Seattle likes them.

    Some guys need to learn under a great Qb like Brett Favre or Russell Wilson for a few years before they are ready to be great themselves.

  3. It’s great that he is comfortable. I agree with Elway, though. It’s more about success. Paxton did a great job in his half of his first preseason game in Seattle. Now; keep building on that and beat out Geno as the backup, and I suspect his feelings about the Seahawks will continue to be positive. I was happy with what he showed his potential is as an NFL QB.

  4. I think Paxton is just bitter. We’ve never once heard anything bad about the Broncos culture and “family atmosphere.” Ask other players who joined the Broncos from other teams (Peyton Manning, Brian Dawkins, John Lynch, etc) and they rave about the Broncos family type atmosphere and culture.

  5. It’s hard to oversell just how “blah” Lynch was in Denver. Even with guys who don’t make it you usually can watch them for a while and at least see a glimmer of what the scouts hoped they’d become. But Lynch showed absolutely nothing. And worst of all he never really looked like he wanted to be there. I didn’t get the sense he felt entitled or expected the starting job to be handed to him. It was more like he didn’t really like football and wanted to be doing something else.

  6. Lynch didnt act like he really wanted to play football in Denver. Rumor was he spent more time playing Madden than studying the playbook.

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