Robert Quinn’s agent “extremely disappointed” by NFL’s decision

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Cowboys defensive end Robert Quinn was suspended for the first two games of the 2019 season on Tuesday for a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy.

Quinn’s agent Sean Kiernan responded to the news with a statement saying that he is “extremely disappointed” by the league’s decision.

Quinn tested positive for probenecid, which is a gout medication that can be used as a steroid masking agent. Kiernan said Quinn never knowingly took probenecid and does not take any supplements, but does take prescription medication to prevent seizures.

Per Kiernan, Dr. John Lombardo, the NFL’s drug advisor for anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, agreed to delay submitting the results to allow for an investigation into how probenecid got into his system. Kiernan says that Quinn’s pharmacy filled an order for it before filling one for Quinn and that the level of the drug in Quinn’s system was too low to be a masking agent, but could not prove contamination “with certainty” at a hearing.

Kiernan said that the NFL admitted during the hearing that they did not believe Quinn was doping intentionally, although that’s not exculpatory as the policy holds players responsible for everything they put in their body. Kiernan still calls the league’s decision “tone deaf” and said he is “disgusted by the actions of NFL attorney Kevin Manara both prior to and during the hearing.”

11 responses to “Robert Quinn’s agent “extremely disappointed” by NFL’s decision

  1. He has been in the league long enough so something is fishy here. All he had to do was get a written letter from his doctor. And, he’d have to KNOWINGLY take it if he takes it for seizures.

    They can’t even get their stories straight.

    Quinn is on his 3rd team in 3 years and already cashed in, so he’s gotten lazy and looking to skirt the rules here a bit in terms of his training.

  2. Agents are either elated at big contract or p’d off at everything else (like their clients using PEDs). Dudes have extreme personalities, LOL

  3. Probenecid is a drug that is rarely dispensed by a pharmacy—I wonder if Quinn submitted proof from the pharmacy that this occurred. Even if he did the test for probenecid would have to be extremely sensitive in order to test positive due to cross-contamination of medications.

  4. You really going to go with “the pharmacy filled an order before filling Quinns? That’s what you are going with? Good luck with that.

    Why is it do you never hear about these guys who said “it wasn’t me” win in lawsuits or even suing the NFL?

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