Up-and-down night for Josh Rosen in Dolphins debut

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The biggest takeaway from game action of this summer’s quarterback competition in Miami is that the Dolphins are going to need to do a better job of protecting whoever winds up winning the job.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen both faced a lot of pressure from the Falcons defense in the first half of Thursday night’s game. Fitzpatrick had a couple of scrambles to get out of trouble and Rosen did a nice job evading pressure long enough to hit wide receiver Preston Williams for a 16-yard gain, but Rosen was also sacked twice and new offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo will need to find some answers in the weeks to come.

Fitzpatrick led the Dolphins to a field goal and a punt and Rosen led a touchdown drive in his first action of the summer, but his second drive was much less successful. Rosen was intercepted by Falcons linebacker Jermaine Grace on a throw over the middle that was the textbook definition of a pass that should never have left Rosen’s hand.

Rosen recovered to connect with Williams for a couple of other long gains during a two-minute drill that resulted in a field goal to close out the half. He was 6-of-12 for 93 yards while Fitzpatrick was 2-of-5 for 20 yards.

None of that likely pushed the Dolphins closer to a decision, although Williams living up to his glowing practice reviews probably pushed the undrafted rookie closer to a spot on the 53-man roster.

16 responses to “Up-and-down night for Josh Rosen in Dolphins debut

  1. Rosen is trying his best to make chicken salad out of chicken $h**. Hard to judge him of this game but he clearly has better pocket awareness than RT ever did.

  2. I agree. The 2nd string o-line is abysmal and Preston Williams looks like a great rookie free agent that will make the team. I can’t really gauge Rosen’s performance because of the o-line but he hasnt been bad.

  3. If the Dolphins don’t put Williams on the active roster, every team in the league will claim him the second he’s put on waivers. Rosen looked good for the O-line he was playing behind. We know what Fitz can do, so give Rosen all the on field action you can so that he can develop and we can get a good evaluation of him.

  4. I like Rosen he has not been given a fair chance if you ask me last yr on a no win situation in Arizona first yr coach who never was a head coach before. No talent really at all. Except larry. D.J. goes down before it starts. Dont get me started on the Bidwells. Dont care if you were tom brady. bidwells find a way to make sure they are mid pack to losing team as always. Then to top it off traded to miami where its a mirror image of the year before only worse. Also maybe just as bad or worse owner. The deck has been stacked against him from the start. But i do like the kid wish the saints had traded for him than signing teddy.

  5. As a Phin fan, when you start reading typical tag lines of excuses given to Tannehill, it says alot.

    The oline has 1 proven quality starter. Kilgore is a JAG and the rest are camp bodies.

  6. I can’t hide my disappointment in Bridgewater not wanting to compete for this starting job.

  7. You know, we bash Rosen all the time but when you look at it, the kids been running for his life ever since he got into the NFL. The Cardinals had a terrible O-line and the Dolphins appear to have issues there as well. I would honestly like to see how Rosen plays behind a decent O-line and system before I make a determination on him.

  8. By far, the biggest weakness on this team is the offensive line. It would have been great if that RT free agent we got from Buffalo, Mills would have worked out because now they are moving RG Jesse Davis to RT which solves nothing, but gives Calhoun a shot at RG. The line should be (IMHO) LT-Tunsil, LG-Dieter, C-Kilgore, RG-Jesse Davis, RT-Sterup. 4 out of 5 is not bad, otherwise it’s more like 3 out of 5.

  9. It was a bad interception mistake, but Rosen played great otherwise. Both QBs so much better than Tannehill. They moved fast VS. slooow motion…take the sack..Tannehill. They both handled the pressure, BUT this offensive line is going to get both of them killed and RUIN the chance of evaluating Rosen.

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