Andrew Luck still not ready to return to practice


The Colts remain optimistic about Andrew Luck.

Andrew Luck is still not ready to practice.

According to Zak Keefer of, Colts coach Frank Reich said Luck wouldn’t be on the field for the next three practices because of the calf strain which has limited him to three practices this summer.

“Continuing to progress with his strength, which is awesome, but there’s still a degree of pain,” Reich said.

They return to practice tomorrow, and if he’s not practicing until Tuesday at the earliest, then it’s not likely he’d play in the second preseason game next Saturday. At this point, playing in the preseason at all might not be prudent.

Reich also said they’d adjust as necessary when it was time to cut the roster to 53. The Colts would probably prefer to keep just two quarterbacks, with Jacoby Brissett as a reliable backup. But if Luck’s not ready to go soon, a third quarterback (and one less player at another position) might be a necessity. They also have Phillip Walker and Chad Kelly on the roster at the moment, but Kelly is facing a two-week suspension so he’s not any immediate help for this problem.

All of which means it’s not necessarily time to panic. (Narrator voice: It’s never too soon to panic.)

13 responses to “Andrew Luck still not ready to return to practice

  1. Maybe this could be Chad Kellys big break, kid is talanted as heck but his off the field issues have stagnated his career. I’d like to see him turn it around.

  2. SWFLPC.INC says:
    August 9, 2019 at 3:02 pm
    At what point do the Colts fans simply admit this guy is officially a “bust”?

    He’s nowhere near a bust…but at some point until he can stay healthy and win consistently…the deifying that his fans {and a lot of media} do should probably lessen.

  3. Remember the old days of Andrew Luck vs RG3 vs Russell Wilson arguments?

    Seems like a long time ago.

    Russell Wilson quietly joined Peyton Manning as the only two quarterbacks in NFL history to have 20 touchdowns and 3000 yards every season the first seven years of their career.

    It’s crazy to because there are people that will still tell you Andrew Luck is a better quarterback than Russell Wilson. It’s like they live in bizarro world…

    Availability is the most important stat and Russell has always been available…7 years and counting.

    Meanwhile, lucks calf hurts he can’t play. He’s used to not playing it doesn’t bother him that much anymore.

  4. What caught my eye was if he returns Tuesday he likely couldn’t play Saturday? It’s a preseason game? He’s the starting QB. He’d be in for maybe 10 snaps. They can’t learn 10 plays in 3 days? Most of which would be plays they ran last season.

  5. @jmethane

    Yeah, we live in a bizarro world where Russell, who has actually won a Super Bowl and almost won a second, is considered “less” of a QB that has maybe a couple good stat seasons, but has otherwise been either hurt or mediocre.

    People obsess over the guy that “looks” the part (not playing the race card here, I’m talking about physical attributes). Luck is a big guy. Russ is a smaller guy (even though he has just as big an arm).

    It’s the same insanity that has people preferring Carson Wentz (big strong looking dude) over Nick Foles (beanpole looking dude), even though Carson has been constantly hurt and Nick Foles actually led the Eagles to the Super Bowl, outdueling the great Tom Brady in record setting game.

    Football is about actual performance on the field, not drawing up fantasies on about what big, strong athletes can do on paper. Anyone who doesn’t account for real performance on the field and makes excuses for why their favorite “specimen of an athlete” hasn’t done as well as the little guy or the skinny guy or the clutch guy is not a real football fan.

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