Jakobi Meyers boosts his stock in preseason debut

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Undrafted rookie wide receiver Jakobi Meyers has been one of the stars of Patriots training camp, but there have often been players who draw positive reviews in practice before failing to see it carry over to games.

Meyers did not have that problem against the Lions on Thursday night. The rookie caught six passes for 69 yards and two touchdowns in a performance that should help push him closer to the 53-man roster.

After the game, Meyers said he felt he showed he deserves to be in the NFL and that he’ll keep working to show that’s the case come cutdown day.

“I have to keep proving to my coaches that I deserve to be here,” Meyers said, via NESN.com. “I’m not on the team yet. I’m trying to make sure I can stay here and continue to be here. That’s who I’m trying to prove a point to, not really to the people who didn’t give me the [draft] call. . . . I’m not satisfied, either. I’ve just got to keep going forward, and hopefully more is to come.”

The Patriots will continue their preseason with a game against the Titans on August 17.

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  1. It’s only one game, but throughout camp Meyers has been the guy for Brady. He is reliable and catches the ball very well in traffic, making the great catch look ordinary.

    He has all but made the 53 already. Barring injury, he could start, and it makes WRs on the team who were drafted look pretty bad. Meyers is a former QB who reads defenses & makes catches. Pencil him in.

  2. The level of competition from the Lions backups was weak but, across the board, the NE players played well.

    It is amazing the roster hits they take every year but still find guys that do their job.

    With the possible exception of tight end, every potential weakness looks solid, especially the D line, receivers, O line and backup QB positions.

  3. He was snatching the ball out of the air with little issue. Impressive find for the Pats.

  4. He looks like a real find. Aside from that….the Pats defense is looking like it’ll be absolutely smothering this year.

  5. I’m sure other teams are watching the Patriots to see who they end up cutting. Most of last year’s draft class ended up on IR, so there’s the equivalent of two years worth of young talent. Meyers is already a lock (IMHO), as is Harry. But some of the other receivers are looking good as well, albeit it’s the pre-season. And the Patriots are loaded on defense…. an embarrassment of riches….

  6. Still early but I like what I’ve seen so far…..
    Jarrett looked really good under center as well…..again, it’s early but I really liked what I saw from him…..
    My guess is Hoyer gets traded & he looked great last night too…

  7. With the success they have had with UDFA’s and low round picks, the Patriots will have a very hard time building a practice squad this year. Most of the guys they waive will get claimed.

  8. “the Pats defense is looking like it’ll be absolutely smothering this year.”

    Mayo was calling the plays. He’s going to end up being one of the best DCs out there even though he doesn’t have the title yet. He has the players view on field in his mind and that helps translate to better calls I think.

  9. Hard to gauge it all without gameplanning and both teams starters out there, but you have to like the overall look of it.

    People weren’t even starting on Det’s D, but then again, the starters were not really in the game for NE either.

  10. It’s only preseason but I’m rooting for him. There have been many great “finds” that didn’t translate once the real games started. That said, lots to like from the casual fans perspective:

    * very few penalties
    * Berrios looked solid in the slot
    * both hoyer and stidham executed the offense with ease
    * defense owned the lions offensive line

  11. His greatest play was not even a catch. It was one where a bad throw was going to go behind him and right into the hands of a defender but Meyers twisted around and slapped the ball away. Automatically Knowing that quickly to become a DB is impressive for a guy with his amount of NFL experience.

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