Kenny Stills has gotten death threats since criticizing owner


Kenny Stills knew there would be a reaction, same as when he kneels during the national anthem to protest racial inequality and police brutality.

But the latest round included death threats, after the Dolphins wide receiver questioned Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ ability to do social-justice work while also hosting a fundraiser for President Donald Trump.

Via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post, Stills said he didn’t think it was a big of a stand to call out his boss on Twitter.

“I honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal or that courageous,” Stills said of calling out Ross. “It’s human being to human being. And it’s not right. I don’t want to associate myself with bad people and we shouldn’t want to be associated with bad people.

“And our country’s in a rough place right now and I think we could be doing more. I think there’s other candidates that he could support. It’s not about Democrat or Republican or any of those things. It’s literally about why. Why are you trying to help this man raise money to continue to do things that he’s been doing?”

Stills said he had previously stopped working with Ross’ nonprofit foundation RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality), based on a “gut feeling.”

And even though Ross eventually put out a statement in his own name which walked the line between supporting someone with his money and supporting their words and actions, Stills was unmoved.

“I don’t believe that you can play both sides,” Stills said.

“If you’re going to associate with bad people, then people are going to know about it,” Stills continued. “I think there’s ways you can support candidates without it being so public and without it being at your personal, private residence. I put it out there so everybody could see it.”

He said he hasn’t talked to Ross personally yet, but expects to “at some point.”

He also said he had received five to 10 more death threats via social media, which he’s received in the past for kneeling during the anthem — which he did again Thursday night.

13 responses to “Kenny Stills has gotten death threats since criticizing owner

  1. “I honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal or that courageous,” Stills said

    Proves how ignorant he really is.

  2. Look, I don’t agree with Kenny getting death threats at all. I think that is completely out of line. However, in any working environment when u call out the boss/owner on a public platform regardless of the reasoning.. Isn’t that also “a dumb move”? Look I voted for Trump. I don’t always agree with how he carries himself.. But I like what my paycheck looks like since he’s been in office. I like that my property value on my home has gone up. I like the fact that whether u phrase it social injustice.. Or whatever…. That you still live in America and have freedom of speech. Honestly, as an American im just tired of the fact that when people disagree on the subject of social injustice.. There is no common sense approach. If you disagree.. Your deemed a racist. If you agree that there is a problem but don’t want to make a fool of yourself.. Your deemed a coward. Kenny Stills had a right to talk.. Believe in anything he wants.. But So does Steve Ross. Ross probably likes the fact that Trump makes him craploads of money… But also wants to recognize that he believes there is social injustice, and wants to justifiably put his money where his mouth is to create the charity that he did. To me that’s just playing both aisles.. And shows intelligence. Don’t see anything wrong with that. Mike Jordan said: “Republicans buy sneakers too”. Who says u can’t play both sides? Either way, just use common sense.. And stop making things they are not. Back to business America!! Less crying… More work!! Go get your money, and stop waiting for someone to give it to you for free. Have a great day everyone!

  3. When they brought in a new coaching staff I thought for sure Stills would be gone. But for some reason Flores likes mediocre receivers who are over paid.

  4. Who doesn’t get death threats (or claims to get death threats) these days? I mean, Twitter’s a thing, so yeah, I expect people to get death threats for any opinion they have. And I also expect people to claim it too.

  5. I honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal or that courageous,” Stills said of calling out Ross

    Calling out someone on social media isn’t really courageous, more of a look at me thing.
    Be a man and talk to Ross face to face, no need to tell the world.

  6. I am just sick to death of Sports and Politics being mixed together. You cant enjoy anything anymore without having to listen to something that’s political agenda driven. Makes me sick and it weakens us as a country. I am talking to both sides here – BOTH!

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