Kyle Shanahan would rather cancel the preseason than keep four games

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How bad does 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan think the current NFL preseason schedule is? So bad that he’d rather just get rid of the preseason altogether than keep it as it is currently constituted.

Shanahan says his first choice would be cutting the preseason in half, but he’d rather cut it by 100 percent than keep it as it is.

“You absolutely don’t need four preseason games,” Shanahan said. “I’d rather have zero than four. Preferably, I’d like two. One to evaluate the people trying to make the team and then just one to knock a little rust off.”

The NFL does not appear to be ready to cancel the preseason altogether, but there are increasing voices for reducing it. Shanahan is one of many coaches who thinks the current format has outlived its usefulness.

15 responses to “Kyle Shanahan would rather cancel the preseason than keep four games

  1. Coach Rodgers agrees. The Packers don’t need live kick off practices. Or preseason games. He has let his assistant, Matt LaFleur, carry out his wishes. And Matt has obediently followed coach Rodgers’ instructions. Every one of them.

  2. Why is preseason less important now than 30 years ago? The game is more complex and there is less practice time.

  3. Well if Kyle thinks as much it must be a great idea, right?
    I mean what dubious decision making has followed this guy again?

  4. His vast experience as a head coach has obviously lead him to this conclusion. The teams look sloppy enough now in the regular season you want even less prep. The preseason games are though to watch for sure but they may help to evaluate your team for depth players.

  5. The same guy who took his Super Bowl game plan to media night in a backpack, where he would not have any time to look at it or work on it, and let a member of the San Francisco media I think it was walk away with said backpack. The most important document he’s ever had in his professional life.

    Yeah, gotta trust a guy like this to come to a logical decision about things like the preseason.


  6. I am with you Kyle here. Who wants to watch 4 games with backups getting the bulk of the reps. And no reason to risk injury to your starters when its only good for lining owners pockets with 20$ beer money.

  7. How exactly would he evaluate the lower tier players? Completely, 100% based on practice with ZERO live game situations? I get not wanting your known commodities getting hurt but not everybody in camp is a known commodity.

  8. He’s right, one game to evaluate and use the other one to make it as a practice for the veterans and rooks. Waste of 4 games as the scrubs only play.

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