Lamar Jackson: Thursday’s offense “not close” to what we’ll run in regular season

Getty Images

The revamping of the Ravens offense was a major storyline of the offseason and Thursday night’s preseason game against the Jaguars offered the first chance to see the unit in action.

According to the guy running the offense on the field, that glimpse was not indicative of how things will look in Miami on the first Sunday of the regular season.

“Oh, not close at all. We ran like a couple plays a lot. We really didn’t show anything at all,” quarterback Lamar Jackson said, via Luke Jones of WNST.

Teams rarely show their hands in the preseason and the Ravens may have shown even less than most teams. Jackson didn’t run the ball at all during his three series of work and the preseason may pass without Baltimore showing off that part of the scheme because of the risk of injury to Jackson.

Jackson was 4-for-6 for 59 yards and a touchdown while mostly throwing from the pocket, although he did roll out on a few occasions. One rollout led to a nice gain for Chris Moore while another saw Jackson make an ill-advised throw across his body that went incomplete and could have been intercepted.

That’s something for Jackson to clean up while continuing to work on an offense he promised is “going to be fun to watch” come September.