Pat Shurmur: “Slow your roll” about a Giants quarterback controversy

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Giants coach Pat Shurmur doesn’t want to hear about a quarterback controversy.

After rookie Daniel Jones put on a show in Thursday night’s preseason opener, Shurmur was asked what he would say to fans who think it’s time for Jones to replace Eli Manning.

“I think, ‘Slow your roll,’” Shurmur said.

Manning went three-and-out on his only series, while Jones went 5-for-5 including a touchdown pass on his only series. Shurmur said it’s too soon to anoint Jones.

“This is just his first go around,” Shurmur said of Jones. “I think he did a good job. As I mentioned, all along he has done nothing to disappoint us, and certainly when you take the team down the field and score a touchdown, that’s a good start. It’s something good to build on. We have a lot of time left before we start playing games. Nothing at this point has changed.”

Shurmur said Jones made some mistakes that the coaching staff noticed but fans and the media wouldn’t.

“He didn’t motion the tight end across on the first play,” Shurmur said. “Those types of things. Things that we see. As I mentioned, to the naked eye, you possibly didn’t see.”

One preseason game is too soon to make any proclamations, but suffice to say that if Jones and Manning look in the next two preseason games like they looked in the first one, it’s going to be awfully hard for Shurmur to slow down fans’ desire to move on from Manning and see Jones as the Week One starter.

26 responses to “Pat Shurmur: “Slow your roll” about a Giants quarterback controversy

  1. Shurmur is right but I haven’t seen a Giants QB throw with Jones’ accuracy and cool in a very long time.

  2. Jones and Haskins both looked promising in their debuts. Could set up to be a great QB rivalry for years to come if all pans out.

  3. I really dont get it why are they Stuck on Eli Manning.Yes Jones will struggle if he is the starter but can it be any worse than Manning as the Starter. Move on from Manning and started building Dont let Barkley talent go to waste.Yes most likely Manning will be a Hall of Famer but not because of his talent but Because of the Patriots He hasnt had a probowl since 2015 season and never has gotten All Pro Nod I just dont get it it’s time to move on

  4. Yes far too soon to say – but let’s say it anyway! Like when he had a bad start in camp all the media pondered if he was Giants’ most dumb 1st-round pick ever. That’s how the media roll.

  5. Leave us not forget that Eli played against the Jets # 1 Defense, while Jones played against the # 2’s and 3’s. Let’s not get too crazy, too soon.

  6. Gotta admit I agree with @streetyson on this one. None of us SHOULD get excited over 5 passes (he did look good) in a preseason game. But the Giants have been so bad for so long….it’s hard not to.

    Plus I would like to see all those people who talked crap about him before he even played an NFL down eat some of that there pie…

  7. Patrick Mahomes didn’t play his rookie year. Alex Smith did. Mahomes was the better QB the first day he arrived at camp, but the Chiefs have a smart coach, and he knows the importance of having a great QB. If you draft a potential great QB, but then proceed to screw him up by shoving him out there before he’s ready, then you blow the opportunity to go forward for many years with a great QB. The Giants will benefit from having a great QB, and the men running the franchise were hired to make smart decisions. That’s exactly what they’re doing. It’s simple. It’s just like following a Betty Crocker recipe on the side of a box. Joe Montana didn’t play his rookie year. He had a few starts his second year. He won the super bowl his 3rd year, and many after that. He was also the best QB on the roster from day 1, but the 49ers followed the recipe. Tom Brady didn’t start his rookie year…On the other hand, RGIII was rookie of the Year. The Redskins didn’t follow the recipe.

  8. Dude what game were you watching Haskins looked horrible, 2 ints out of like 14 passes one of them a pick 6.
    They need Trent back on oline!

  9. If I’m running the Giants, I’m thinking long term here. No need to rush the kid into a starting position with the absence of any starting receivers to throw to and a still suspect OL. Let him sit on the bench and gain confidence. Give him a small taste of action this season and start him next year. It’s the prudent way to bring a QB along under these circumstances and will foster long term growth for Jones instead of cheap short term satisfaction for some writers and fans.

  10. Shurmur is correct – forgetting to put a TE in motion means the protection is not where it should be for the play to be most successful. Because Jones was playing against the 2nd tier Jets defense, mistakes like that didn’t hurt as much. But make that mistake in the regular season against a veteran A-level defense, and you’ve got a loss at best and a turnover at worst.

  11. People have seen enough of Eli Plunkett. Got a horseshoe up his butt twice. Otherwise, a pedestrian terrible QB. No game

  12. So Daniel Jones can now walk and chew gum at the same time? The NY media had it sounding like he could not put on a pair of shoulder pads.

    Now if he does start in front of Manning is the media going to collectively weep and faux outrage as they did two seasons ago when they sat Manning?

  13. Shurmur was trying so hard not to smile in the post game conference. He knows he’s got a good one. in DJ.

    Looking forward to seeing everybody back track their comments from draft night over the next few months.

  14. Every pass Jones made was on his first read. He locked eyes on one target and got the ball to them once they got open. He made the throws and you can’t take that away from him, but I don’t feel like we learned much about him from that series. Good for him, though. That march down the field can only be good for his confidence.

  15. jstdad, Jones faced the Jets’ twos and threes, but he also had the Giants’ twos and threes blocking for him, catching his passes and running the ball well enough for the Jets to have to allocate players to stop the run.

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