Pat Shurmur won’t “play the what-ifs” about quarterbacks

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Giants coach Pat Shurmur told those looking to see a full-fledged quarterback competition to “slow your roll” after Thursday night’s preseason opener.

Eli Manning heard boos at MetLife Stadium after going three-and-out to open the game and Daniel Jones earned cheers by going 5-of-5 and throwing a touchdown against the Jets. Jones was set to play more, but the Giants pulled him after a weather delay paused the game for an hour.

On Friday, Shurmur stood firm that nothing about the quarterback situation changed on Thursday night. He called Manning the team’s starter and refused to go down the road on a question about what would happen if Jones continues to thrive in the preseason.

“Listen, we’re not going to play the what-ifs,” Shurmur said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “I would say this: Nothing has changed. This was the first game. I expect Daniel to play well and go out and improve.”

Shurmur will only be fielding more questions about the quarterback position if that happens, although that could probably be filed under good problems to have.

7 responses to “Pat Shurmur won’t “play the what-ifs” about quarterbacks

  1. “Eli Manning heard boos” A bit inflammatory. The Giants ran a draw on 3 and 6 that gathered nothing. The fans were obviously not pleased with the play call. This almost reads as if the fans were on Eli. Eli played 3 plays.

  2. The Giants are on my list of teams to compete for the #1 overall pick next year, along with the Washington team, the Cards, the Dolphins and the Bungles. After watching the Lions I will consider adding them too, but they did go up against a pretty good defense last night.

  3. Eli didn’t hear boos. They were booing the Giants running a draw play on 3rd and 6. Anyone that watched the game could see that. But way to try and stir up a controversy.

  4. We have a rebuilt line, a stud RB A decent tight end situation and THEN THERES ELI . Wake up people let’s not waste Barkley in his prime , Barkley will turn against management soon and people will end up hating Barkley because he speaks the truth about Jones. Keep pushing for Jones Barkley it’s the right choice and the locker room will back you up.

  5. What If…..

    The giants had hired the right GM who then had hired the right HC, and then made two correct picks with they’re #1 draft choices?

    They’d probably be headed for more than 6 wins this year.

    Oh well……

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