Report: Antonio Brown goes “radio silent” on Raiders

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Antonio Brown got what he wanted, and the Raiders should have known what they were getting.

Chase Williams of WPXI, the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh, has reported that Brown already has gone “radio silent” on the Raiders, as he obtains treatment away from the team on feet that were frostbitten last month in a cryotherapy chamber.

Here’s the specific content of the tweet from Williams: “10 practices into training camp and Antonio Brown has already gone ‘radio silent’ with the Raiders. They have zero clue where he is or what the progress of the foot injury is.”

It’s impossible to know whether this report is accurate, in part because no one connected to the team is publicly saying anything about Brown’s injury. It had seemed that the Raiders were mum in order to avoid making Brown look bad or foolish for freezing his feet; maybe the Raiders are saying nothing because there’s nothing to say, and because they just don’t know what’s going on.

If the report is accurate, folks in Pittsburgh will shed no tears over this development, given the manner in which Brown behaved at the end of his nine-year run with the team. Folks in Oakland will be dismayed by the situation, but they shouldn’t be.

Brown wasn’t punished but rewarded for quitting on his team in Week 17. There’s no reason to think that he learned any lesson from his final days with the Steelers because, at the end of the day, he won.

84 responses to “Report: Antonio Brown goes “radio silent” on Raiders

  1. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

    An egotistical bum by any other name is still an egotistical bum.

  2. Hahahahaha this is great. Raider fans thought this was the final piece to win a Super Bowl when they traded for him. This is going to end really bad.

  3. Is there really anything to say? Absolutely no one knows how long this will take. Its a medical issue. And frankly its a mistake allot of good players make. He tried to do too much; he wanted to make the treatment even “better” and it blew up on him. He knows it – the team knows it.

    So there really is nothing else to do or say – except wait.

    ..and pray.

  4. File with the league and get his contract null avoided if possible. Wash your hands and move on.This guy is a cancer to a team period.Who does he think he is collect paychecks from a team and him acting he is the Boss

  5. The last paragraph is so true. And it was probably the lack of repercussions for poor team behavior during his tenure in Pittsburgh that created the problem child he has become.

  6. I hear circus music in the distance, the clown act is returning. What will it be this time? He wore Mr. Big Chest out, so he needs a new act. Many in the media fell for the whole “woe is me” crap he was laying down, when all he wanted was more guaranteed $$$. So glad he’s out of Pittsburgh. Addition by subtraction, and all.

  7. Acquiring a disruptive cancer like Antonio Brown was a decision that no rational football decision maker would have made. Just like no one in his right mind would have traded away a future HOFer in his prime like Khalil Mack.

    Those decisions were of course made totally by Gruden (although he’ll probably shift blame in the Brown case to Mike Mayock). But of course who is to question the brilliance of someone who is such a “football genius”?

  8. folks, I am sorry, BUT, if true, mayock and Gruden need to be shown exit, TODAY

  9. ditkasanger – This is not a mistake “a lot of good players make” or a mistake that any players make. Maybe I’m wrong but please list any other players who have gotten frost bite from not wearing the proper shoes in cryotherapy? You can evem just list the names of people who have gotten frost bite regardless of if they used the proper footwear. I’d be surprised if you can come up with any and I seriously doubt it wil be “a lot of good players”.

  10. Until this comes from a Raiders beat writer, I’m not going to believe a soured ex-girlfriend from the other side of the country.

  11. So glad he isn’t the Steelers problem anymore. Tons of vindication right here.

  12. We all saw this coming. It’s just bad business. Cowboys, take note. Or don’t w/e I guess I’m not a Cowboys fan. But just let these players walk. Some bad team will overpay them and this will happen again. You will NEVER get what you pay for. We are entering an era where the best teams will be the ones with the best recent five drafts

  13. Can’t cheer for guys like this, all about Mr. Big Chest. Didn’t even get to the first preseason game before it blew up. Should call this guy Mr. Big Dumpster Fire!

  14. This dude is the “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” of the NFL. Wonder what he charges to haunt houses.

  15. 2distorted says:
    August 9, 2019 at 1:07 pm
    Will be interesting to see if this is a non-football injury and the Raiders can get money back.

    Wow! If the Raiders can, and do. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Brown’s Pittsburgh antics will pale in comparison to the show he will put on for the Raiders.

  16. AB was confused….. He wanted to watch Frozen with his kids…see so in order to watch it with real life effects he freezes his feet to the point of almost frost bite… It is a shame that he never did get to finish watching the movie….

  17. Man. What an absolute headcase
    He’s yours Gruden. You wanted that “work ethic” you got it.
    Out indefinitely because he froze his own feet.
    Maybe replaying that staged hub between him and Derek, on loop, indefinitely will make you feel better.

  18. August 9, 2019 at 1:09 pm
    Until this comes from a Raiders beat writer, I’m not going to believe a soured ex-girlfriend from the other side of the country.

    I agree that Raider fans might feel as if this is sour grapes, but the fact that he isn’t at camp throws up a red flag. Im assuming other players that are injured on the team are at least at camp.

  19. Hot Hair Balloons, Frozen Feet ,Dyeing your mustache blonde , big fur coats , etc etc , when attention calls be man enough to answer it !

  20. ditkasanger says:
    August 9, 2019 at 12:45 pm
    Its a medical issue. And frankly its a mistake allot of good players make.


    No, it isn’t at all. How often do you see an NFL player, let alone a good one, winding up on the weekly injury report due to “cryogenically-caused soft tissue damage?” That literally never happens.

  21. aaannnd here come the haters. Figures this story would originate in Pittsburgh. A.B. will be fine in Oaktown.

  22. You keep players like Mack because he`s talented and a stand up, humble, get the job done teammate. basically the anti-AB. adding this goofball to the mix was a really dumb move. obviously they couldn’t afford both, but if Mack was still a raider it would be interesting to see how long he`d tolerate AB`s nonsense.

  23. I wonder what his contact says about getting questionable treatment in another country. The Raiders should be looking for a way to void it. Frostbite can have lifelong impact.

  24. Apparently AB just reached out to both Mayock and Gruden. It’s was a simple tweet….”Let it go….Let it Goooooo”

  25. Poor guy. I guess he misunderstood when everyone told him to chill out.

    Good thing the Raiders didn’t give him a crap ton of guaranteed money… Oh, wait…

    No matter what happens, the biggest winner in this will be AB. Worst case for him is robotic feet made out of gold.

    Seriously, I hope to see him on the field again soon.

  26. I’m not a Steelers fan and I don’t wish ill upon a player but at the time I thought the Steelers got screwed.
    Now I’m not so sure.

  27. So, he’s giving the Raiders the cold shoulder?
    The Raiders should hold his feet to the fire.

    Don’t forget to tip your bartenders!

  28. jr325 says:
    August 9, 2019 at 1:51 pm
    A Pittsburgh tv station is breaking this story?…. Seems legit


    Whether legit or not, I’d be wondering if I were a Raider fan why there’s nothing coming from the team on this. If it were under control or a misunderstanding, you’d think they’d clear the air fast so it doesn’t turn into a public thing. Instead it’s crickets.

  29. intrafinesse says:
    August 9, 2019 at 2:03 pm
    I’m not a Steelers fan and I don’t wish ill upon a player but at the time I thought the Steelers got screwed.
    Now I’m not so sure.

    0 0 Rate This


    Pats fan….Nope, not under those circumstances. They made out well with Bell and Brown considering how little the leverage was they had.

    Their failure was not diagnosing the ego as a problem enough in time to get better value.

  30. Cue up Gruden claiming there’s nothing to this. Gruden thinks he is “down” with these guys, most likely they laugh behind his back and mock him. “Uh-oh, look like Chuckie mad!!” AB should be disciplined for doing something stupid to keep him out of camp, he needs to be there to learn the new system he is in.
    What kind of simpleton uses a cryo chamber without knowledge of such??? Seriously? Frostbite is no joke and you dont know the full damage done until you are down the road a bit. This guy, he aint too bright.

  31. So NO Pittsburgh reporter knew (or dared to report) that AB went AWOL last summer in Pgh “he was seeking treatment in the city” was all they said. YET maaagically they now know he went AWOL 2000 + miles away?!?!???!

    Also please note how much the Pgh Sports media misses Brown & Bell for content and clicks.

  32. I’m no fan of the Steelers, but I have to congratulate them for unloading this headcase.

  33. Tomlin managed to keep this unpredictable diva in line
    for 9 seasons, minus the last week of the year…
    Raiders couldn’t make it to the first pre-season game with him.

  34. As a Steeler’s fan I’ve seen quite a bit of AB.
    He will play well but if Carr can’t get him the ball this will go south fast.
    Psychologically Brown has to prove to himself that he is better than everyone every day.
    That is why he trains so hard.

  35. What Brown did was idiotic but let’s judge this trade after the season. It is going to be interesting how the Steelers offense does against a very good Pats D in week 1. In their last matchup JC Jackson held Juju to 4 receptions for 40 yards. This time he may be covered by Gilmore if he is lined up at X or Z.

  36. Gruden is so much smarter than anyone else, I’m sure he required a contract clause to address non-communication due to frozen feet.

  37. AB is demanding to wear a non-certified helmet. Does anyone doubt he will be first to sue the league for allowing him to wear an uncertified helmet?

  38. Thank you sir for not coming to Buffalo! Couldn’t be happier that he never got on the field in a Bills jersey. What a wanker.

    too bad for our old boy Nate intercepeterman.

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