Source: Antonio Brown’s preferred helmet is too old to be worn

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A very weird story keeps getting very, very weirder.

The latest wrinkle to Antonio Brown‘s absence from the Raiders comes from his refusal to replace his old helmet with an approved model. Unlike Tom Brady, however, the model of helmet Brown wears has not been prohibited. Per a league source, the specific helmet Brown wants to wear is simply too old.

Yes, the grace period for 11 prohibited helmet models has ended, requiring players like Brady to ditch wearing models that were not deemed to be sufficiently safe. Brown’s helmet isn’t one of those 11 models. For Brown, the prohibiton comes from the requirement that each and every helmet must be certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, and that the NOCSAE will not certify a helmet that is more than 10 years old.

The source explains that Brown’s specific model has been discontinued, requiring him to find another model. But he doesn’t want to find another model, even though the rules apply to all players.

Brown wants the rules to not apply to him. And the reason for that may be quite as simple as this: Ever since becoming one of the best players in the NFL, Antonio Brown has always gotten his way, on everything. So, naturally, he expects to eventually get his way on this, too.

24 responses to “Source: Antonio Brown’s preferred helmet is too old to be worn

  1. I’m sure the NFL is excited to have players who want old or unsafe helmets at the same time they fight to give a concussion settlement. Sends a real clear message.

  2. Someone just needs to show him it’s not actually part of his head.

    (Unless it is.)

  3. Sounds like his helmet should have been upgraded a long time ago. He sounds like he’s already feeling some CTE symptoms. Probably from that hit his new teammate gave him while he was playing in Cincy.

  4. It’s getting to the point where I think Brown needs a psychological evaluation… And I don’t mean that as a joke. I think the hits to the head are getting to him. Hope somebody can convince him to get help before he screws up his life.

  5. He continues to seek attention for stupid things, and the media continues to oblige him.

  6. “Antonio Brown is resisting that, for reasons that may be clear only to Antonio Brown.”

    Yeah, he’s coocoo for cocoa puffs

  7. “He needs helmets for his frozen feet !”

    Is that something like “hats for bats” ?

  8. As dumb as this is let him wear the damn thing. Who cares. It’s not illegal. As a Broncos fan though….thanks Raiders. Appreciate it. Hopefully he goes home and stays home.

  9. Almost as if that’s the media’s job

    skmad2014 says:
    August 9, 2019 at 5:06 pm
    He continues to seek attention for stupid things, and the media continues to oblige him.

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  10. That makes no sense. If the helmet is safe, then what difference does it make if it is over 10 years old. Why is a helmet that is 9 years 11 months and 29 days old allowed but a helmet that is 10 years and a hour old not allowed?

  11. Hey Mr Big Chest….. go to Rawlings…. tell them I want this EXACT SAME HELMET. Same dimensions… same weight… same padding…. EXACT SAME HELMET.

    Rawlings – But we dont make that model anymore.

    AB- Here’s $1M. Yes you do.

    Rawlings – OK you’re right we do.

    Problem Solved

  12. Sounds to me like he’s looking for a less embarrassing reason for why he may never play football again (he froze his feet solid being the real reason?) Wearing your 10+ year old helmet is just a pathetic reason.

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