Thomas Dimitroff: Julio Jones deal is around the corner

Getty Images

The Falcons have said many times this offseason that they are prepared to give wide receiver Julio Jones the new contract he’s been looking to land for the last couple of years.

All of that talk has not led to any action to this point. That’s not changing the team’s approach to handling the situation, however.

General Manager Thomas Dimitroff joined the broadcast of Thursday night’s game against the Dolphins and repeated much of what he said at the Hall of Fame Game about where things stand with Jones.

“He’s in a great spot, we’re in a great spot,” Dimitroff said, via the team’s website. “We continue to have our negotiations. I’m confident, I don’t have an exact timeline, but I’m not concerned about it, he’s not concerned about it . . . It’s just a matter of where it’s all going to land. As you know, you get a little creative and see how it is. I think it’s around the corner.”

Dimitroff said last week that he thought the deal was around the corner and you’re eventually going to wind up back where you started if you keep going around corners. That seems unlikely given how amenable everyone seems to be about getting a deal done, but it remains to be seen when all of the details will be taken care of in Atlanta.