Adrian Colbert ejected for lowering his helmet to initiate contact

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Officials ejected 49ers safety Adrian Colbert on Saturday night for a hit the NFL is attempting to eliminate.

Colbert lowered his head to initiate contact on Cowboys receiver Cedrick Wilson, who was injured on the play. The pass was incomplete, and Colbert blasted the defenseless receiver with 3:42 remaining in the third quarter.

The 49ers received a 15-yard penalty, the team’s 11th of the game, and team officials escorted Colbert to the locker room.

The NFL is emphasizing the “use of helmet” rule this season after adopting it in 2018, and owners voted in March to expand the authority of game officials to disqualify players for acts committed during a game.

The 49ers lead 14-9 early in the fourth quarter.

6 responses to “Adrian Colbert ejected for lowering his helmet to initiate contact

  1. I love the NFL, but these past five (Longer?) I’ve really started to find annoying just how many flags are thrown. It’s gotten to a point where I’m really starting to dislike the quality of the game. If every play is a flag, you need to change the rules. It’s frustrating to watch.

    Not saying that wasn’t an illegal hit. Just more of a general thought.

  2. It looked to me like Colbert was aiming for the chest, to knock the ball loose and he used his shoulder not spearing with his crown.

    It looks like he made contact with the head or neck area so I agree with the penalty.
    But I don’t agree with the ejection.
    He wasn’t spearing (like Bosa did in college) nor was it a Vontaze Burfict hit on Antonio Brown in the end zone targeting.

    I don’t want to see players ejected when they did not intend to violate the rules but did commit a foul. Ejections should be for flagrant violations.

  3. The league wants to make an example out of his hit. They could have called a personal foul because he hit a defenseless receiver late also but they chose the lower the helmet rule instead.

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