Lions add quarterback Josh Johnson

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He wasn’t interested in taking a job with the Ravens. He pounced on a chance to sign with the Lions.

Quarterback Josh Johnson has accepted a roster spot, after winning a two-man tryout with Landry Jones.

Johnson didn’t want to join the Ravens, ostensibly because it was a short-term gig while Robert Griffin III recovers from a broken thumb. In Detroit, Johnson apparently sees a better opportunity to land on the regular-season roster.

Or maybe he realizes he should have taken the Baltimore offer, resolving that he wasn’t going to say “no” when his phone rings, given the chance that it won’t ring for a long time.

Regardless, Johnson’s decision will create speculation that the injury suffered by Tom Savage on Thursday night is a bigger deal than it seemed to be. He banged his head off the turf and got up slowly, creating the impression that he suffered a head injury.

It was Savage who sparked changes to the league’s concussion protocol after he was allowed to continue to play following a blow to the head caused him to exhibit a fencing posture. If he’s back in the concussion protocol, his timeline for a return becomes unclear and unpredictable, especially since it’s not his first concussion.

Johnson started three games for Washington last season, his first NFL regular-season playing time since 2011.

7 responses to “Lions add quarterback Josh Johnson

  1. I am not seeing anything from the Lions that makes me think they will ever be a contending team.

  2. rho1953 says:
    August 10, 2019 at 12:19 pm
    I am not seeing anything from the Lions that makes me think they will ever be a contending team.

    Contending for a top draft pick 2020

  3. Long time Lions fan here. Raise the alarm on our online this year. We gave up 9 sacks last night. Stafford had TWO double digit sack games just last year (astounding). One of which seemed to have caused his back problems (broken bones?!?).

    This year no real moves to fix the online. Lang retires (our best when healthy). We sign TEs…

    Sure, it was second teamers mostly last night – but the vastly overrated Decker gave up another sack in opening drive. Wiggins (another starter who has been cut 10 times in his career!) tripped over another teammates legs…And our supposed best backup tackle, Tyler Crosby was omg bad. Again, the back up QBs did hold onto the ball a bit long, but this should be flag iceberg ahead level of concern – especially after last years issues!

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