Nate Sudfeld will be the No. 2 quarterback in Philly, once healthy

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Eagles quarterback Nate Sudfeld is expected to miss six weeks after surgery to repair a broken wrist. When he returns, Sudfeld likely will be the No. 2 quarterback, behind Carson Wentz.

“I think so,” coach Doug Pederson told reporters regarding whether he’s comfortable installing Sudfeld as the primary backup once he’s healthy. “I mean, obviously we can go back and kind of look at what he did last year a little bit in some of the games. Obviously, the pre-season game [on Thursday night].

“Would you like more time? Yeah, you’d like to get another game or two to see him in a little more action. But what he’s proven to us in practice the last couple of years, what he’s done out here, what he did in the game the other night, again he was smart with the football, made great decisions, threw the ball with accuracy. Those are all things you look for in the backup. . . . He did a nice job in kind of solidifying that spot.”

That spot is an important one for the Eagles, given Wentz’s injury history. In each of the last two seasons, the Eagles had to turn to Nick Foles in December and January. Foles, who led the team to its first-ever Super Bowl win two seasons ago, is now gone.

Pederson also said he doesn’t currently plan to add to a quarterback depth chart that includes veteran Cody Kessler and rookie Clayton Thorson. But Pederson didn’t close the door on the possibility of adding another arm while Sudfeld recovers.

Looking ahead to Week One, the Eagles likely will be required at a minimum to carry three quarterbacks on the open roster, unless Sudfeld heals unexpectedly quickly. They could decide to keep four, if they think Thorson isn’t ready to play and if they don’t want to risk another team snatching the fifth-round pick from Northwestern on waivers.

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  1. First if Wentz goes down in the the first quarter of the season, then the season would basically be over – whether Sudfeld is available or not.

    Secondly, as far as Thorson, the best the Philly brass could hopeful is that another team claimed him for their 53 man roster . . . it would make that pick look quite a bit better than it currently does. By all accounts he has looked dreadful in all the practices and the one preseason game . . . not sure if he is even worth stashing on the practice squad.

    Finally, I would suspect that some decent veteran backups will become available once teams cut down to their 53 man roster. There are plenty of teams that have a set starter and two veterans battling for the #2 slot, while a lot of teams prefer to keep a younger developmental QB as the #3 . . . knowing a veteran won’t be happy not filling the emergency QB role on a weekly basis and a young QB is a much cheaper option.

    Take for instance the Redskins with Keenan slotted for $3.5 million and McCoy slotted for $3.4 million, while Haskins is on his rookie deal at only $2.6 million and you have Alex Smith still counting against the cap at $20.4 million for 2019. Will the Redskins keep all 3 guys knowing that Haskins is the future, while Smith eats up big cap space, maybe . . . but they may elect to keep one veteran and put Haskins as either the starter or the primary backup while keeping Woodrun at a cap friendly $500K or pick up another bubble QB on the cheap. Same deal in Oakland, Seattle, etc.

  2. Avenging Cowboy says:
    August 10, 2019 at 2:48 pm
    If Wentz goes down the Eagles are toast 😂

    I think that is the case with most teams and their starting QB.

    If Zeke holds out for the year the Cowboys are toast!!!

  3. Here we are in the third week of training and five starters on defense are out and three on offense. The LT is 37 and won’t playin the preseason. The #2 QB is out. The starting QB is being held out of preseason (practice) games. There are three receivers not playing preseason plus the starting TE. The rookie running back is allowed three plays while the starting running back is allowed three plays. You think this team of glass is going to be competitive in the NFL? Buddy Ryan is rolling over in his grave may he RIP.

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