Poll of Native Americans’ view of Redskins name finds “proud” most common answer

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A new survey has found that Native Americans are more likely to be proud than offended by the name of the Washington Redskins.

The survey, as reported by the Washington Post, asked 500 people who identify as Native American to pick from a list of words which one best described their feelings about the Redskins name. The word most picked was “proud.”

Following “proud” came “indifferent,” “annoyed,” “content,” “satisfied” and “disappointed.”

The Washington Post did not publish the full results of the survey, so we do not know what percentage of respondents offered each response, but regarding the word “proud,” the Washington Post reports that “most of the survey’s respondents felt that way.”

These results echo those of a 2016 poll that found that only 9 percent of Native Americans described themselves as offended by the Redskins name, while 90 percent said it did not bother them.

Daniel Snyder celebrated that poll and will no doubt celebrate this one, as evidence continues to mount that the majority of Native Americans are not pressuring him to change his team’s name.

32 responses to “Poll of Native Americans’ view of Redskins name finds “proud” most common answer

  1. The survey, as reported by the Washington Post, asked 500 people

    I wonder if they were native Americans from all over the country, or just in the DC area.

  2. They also did their own poll on the team management. What a surprise to find out that fans overwhelmingly support Dan Snyder.

  3. Snyder, I don’t care how many polls you celebrate: you are still a racist, a terrible team owner, and your team’s name is racist. That hasn’t changed.

  4. v2787 says:
    August 10, 2019 at 8:40 am
    Snyder, I don’t care how many polls you celebrate: you are still a racist, a terrible team owner, and your team’s name is racist. That hasn’t changed.

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    The Sky is falling, …the sky is falling!

  5. And yet this site continues to try to tell people how they should feel on issues. The team’s name is the “Washington Redskins.”

  6. The Washington Post spent 10 years, with their best white male writers, basically calling everyone who didn’t agree with them that the Redskins name was offensive, a racist for thinking that it wasn’t. Then they do their own independent survey and find out the most offended by the name are white male writers trying to make a name for themselves. In fact, they found out that most Native Americans are only upset because the Redskins suck. They would love to be proud of the Redskins and only Dan Snyder is getting in the way. On another note- I grew up a Redskins fan. It always represented a tribute to the brave warriors of the mutli-tribe unification under Tecumseh to those like me. It is a tribute to the Native Americans unified army who bravely fought even when defeat was imminent.


    Native Americans being proud of being related to the mediocre washington redskins
    is like a Irish-Americans proud of being related to bill o’reilly.

    106 wins = washington redskins (2003-2018)

    133 wins = Marvin Lewis (2003-2018)

  8. I’m shocked that the Washington Post published their findings after they got them. Also, there’s no going back for those of you who make a mockery of your professions by refusing to use the name Redskins. You know who you are.

  9. This isn’t all that surprising.

    I did volunteer legal work on the Salt River Indian reservation outside Phoenix for two years, and an overwhelming number of Indians I worked with were perplexed that Caucasians had decided that “Native American” was a more appropriate term.

    After being comfortable with “Indian” for centuries, they found it strange that they were now being labeled with a “Native-American” tag, when the reference to “America” (Italian origin) reinforced the idea of European colonization more than anything…

  10. I’m sure Native Americans are just dying to be given the blame by 100 million white people for forcing a NFL team name change… Stop putting this on Natives and just DO THE RIGHT THING and change the name from a racial slur and move on already…

  11. Cowboys fan here who is proud of Dan Snyder for not giving in to the PC clowns who tried forcing him to change the name 3+ years back. Remember when that was the biggest “controversy” in the NFL?

    These polls vindicate him 100% and make the PC clowns look more and more silly.

    I’m just waiting until the day someone decides “Cowboys” is a sexist, offensive nickname. I don’t know when it’ll happen, but trust me, it’ll happen.

  12. I live in the DC area. You guys have this all wrong. The Washington Post is a fiercely left leaning (I don’t mean that in a bad way, just the truth) publication that has bashed the team and its owner for years. Many of it’s columnist won’t even use the term “Redskins” in their articles, choosing to refer to them as the “Washington Football Team”. The last thing they would choose to do is run a puff piece on the team name supporting Snyder. If they ran this story it’s because it was fully vetted and above board.

    Like many issues today this is a manufactured controversy.

  13. I am 50% Navajo Indian. 43 yrs old. While I do understand the older generation’s mentalities of Native Americans, regardless of Native origin, the Native American population as a whole seems fine with this ‘Mascot”. The Native culture of this continent seems to be an afterthought for many. I’m a Cleveland Indians fan and still proudly wear my Chief Wahoo hats. My 2 cents.

  14. Exactly what I have said all along. I have many, many native American friends and not one is offended by the name of the team. If anything, it is a source of pride that the team uses it.

  15. I cover Whitehorse High School basketball at tournaments they play in at Richfield, Utah. This is a Navajo school primarily, as is nearby Monument Valley. Overwhelmingly, their fans are wearing Redskins gear and the Lakers are their favorite basketball team for the most part, which has nothing to do with anything. However, my Redskins point is salient. Case closed.

  16. I’m about as left-wing as they come in the United States and even I think this Redskins thing is overblown. If Indians have decided to take pride in the name, then who are you or I to tell them it’s an insult? Also, this poll isn’t showing any new results. All the polls taken up until now about the issue have shown very small support for changing the name, even from Native Americans.

  17. It is a way of taking control of an ugly word that is used against you. The word itself is no less offensive.

  18. this is what i always waited for. lets get the native Americans to give us there input concerning this mater. nothing else mattered.

  19. Early American history tells us the English translation of letters of Native Chiefs they refer to themselves as “redskins”. They refer to whites as “whiteskins” and blacks as “blackskins”. It’s as simple as that.

  20. This is just another example of the liberal media attempting to gin up a story that keeps us divided. Thank God ofr the NFL, all we care about is point spreads an our fantasy guys….

  21. A lot of comments on here point out that it’s largely white people driving the protest against the name. I think there’s truth to that. Just like I think it’s odd that these polls never ask the questions to people with verified tribal memberships; it’s always “self identified” native americans. To me, that says there are going to be a lot of white people with “great grandmothers” who were Cherokee.

    In other words it’s white people arguing with white people about how Native Americans feel.

    Y’all can find plenty of Native Americans that don’t care and if you look at all you’ll find Native Americans that protest the name too.

    Until there are polls among the actual tribes, no one really knows what the consensus is. That’s the truth.

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