Cardinals COO Ron Minegar arrested for DUI

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For the second consecutive summer, a high-ranking member of the Arizona Cardinals’ front office has been arrested on a drunk driving charge.

Cardinals Executive Vice President and COO Ron Minegar was arrested on suspicion of DUI late Saturday night, according to ABC 15 in Arizona.

Police say they pulled Minegar over for speeding, failure to drive within one lane of traffic and driving within the bicycle lane.

Minegar has been with the Cardinals since 2000. His arrest comes 13 months after Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim was arrested for DUI, which resulted in the team suspending him for five weeks and fining him $200,000.

14 responses to “Cardinals COO Ron Minegar arrested for DUI

  1. Sheesh, I’m a Cards fan and I’ve never heard of the guy…maybe that’s a good thing.

    With all the visiting NFL players showing up in Scottsdale, getting hammered, and then passing out at a red light (or even in the middle of the intersection), it seems the Cards are now intent on proving that “this is our house”.

    Anyone with that much money that doesn’t call an Uber should be one and done in the league. Maybe that will get thru…

  2. driving in the bike lane, and people wonder why i ride on the sidewalk. you think i want my life in other peoples hands?

  3. And the beat goes on, yeah the beat goes on….. drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain, la da da da dee, la da da da di…

  4. So both the GM and COO have drinking and driving issues, must be part of the job requirement to work in the Cardinals front office

  5. Keim gets a DUI last year, hires an upcoming and obvious disaster in Kingsbury, drafts a facade of a QB number one overall, and now this. It’s been one hell of year for that moribund franchise haha

  6. What else is new in the NFL? Let’s face it. We all know most of the players are doing something, whether it’s PED’s or street drugs or alcohol, and many of them spend their nights in strip clubs, too.
    So why should the executives be any different?

  7. Spare me the torch and pitchforks mentality here. My DUI for three beers was absolutely ridiculous and 0.2 miles from the bar. When I later read the police report, couldn’t BELIEVE the stuff the horses ass of a cop made up. ‘Followed him, for 1.8 miles’ (0.1) ‘weaving lanes into the bike path’ (no), ‘slurring speech and visibly staggering’ (complete lies).

    Cops probably had him staked out so stop believing the lies.

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