Jerry Jones: Tony Pollard capable of carrying the load


Ezekiel Elliott remains out of Cowboys camp and the team has been using rookie Tony Pollard as their top back in his absence.

The guy who will ultimately decide whether or not to give Elliott what he’s looking for on the contract front said he believes Pollard can thrive in that role come the regular season. In a message that seemed directed to Elliott as much as anyone else, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he’s confident in Pollard’s ability to do the job.

“I certainly thought he had a good account of himself,” Jones said, via David Helman of the team’s website. “He looks confident out there, we know he’s inordinately understanding of what he does and can do. We’ve seen him do it, we know he’s capable of, if he really needs to, carrying the whole load.”

Pollard, who has also drawn rave reviews from Dak Prescott, had four carries for 16 yards against the 49ers on Saturday night.

More than one person has pointed out the similarities between Elliott’s situation and Emmitt Smith’s absence from the Cowboys heading into the 1993 season. The Cowboys had a fourth-round pick named Derrick Lassic step into the lineup to fill in for Smith amid similar talk about his ability to handle the role, but Smith was back after Lassic ran 35 times for 127 yards during an 0-2 start to the regular season.

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  1. The Cowboys will go as far as Dak Prescott takes them, and I believe he’s capable of winning multiple super bowls. The NFL hasn’t been a RB league since the 1960’s. If a guy like Elliott wants to walk away and quit on his team, then the team will be better off without him. In today’s league you need a great QB, and then just a bunch of solid players that all buy in. I’m ok with paying for top CB’s and maybe a great pass rusher, but the RB position is so far down the list it’s almost laughable. I’d bet Jerry Jones is already shopping Elliott for draft picks.

  2. Don’t get carried away there Jerry. Elliott is still your biggest weapon on offense and other teams know it. If Pollard can do what Elliott can do only then will teams respect your run game.

  3. If Jerry really believes that then he should trade Zeke for a couple 2020 picks and save his money.

  4. Caving in to Elliot would be a colossal mistake. Zeke is in the news more for his off-field antics than he is for his performance on it. RBs are relatively easy to replace.

  5. It’s posturing. Making a deal. You obviously do not want to concede everything up front or you shouldn’t be at the poker table to begin with. And there are just a couple differences between Zeke and Emmitt’s situation.

  6. Amidst all the training camp hype…I saw nothing special from Tony Pollard last night against a 49er defense that didn’t have some of it’s starting defensive linemen in the game. 4 carries for 16 yards. Rather pedestrian..average.

  7. Zeke is a very good running back, but that’s all he is: a running back. Those are a dime a dozen. Zeke has a contract that he signed. He needs to show up and honor his contract or else sit out the season and make nothing. The team has most of the leverage here, no matter what Zeke thinks or says. The team can cut him, trade him, or let him sit. If Zeke is smart–and, based on his history of making dumb choices, I’m not at all sure that he is–then he’ll quit holding out, play ball, and get a big contract in a year or two. Yes, he’s done well as a player so far in his career, admittedly, but he’s not in a position to demand a new contract just yet. Next year, maybe. Right now, no. This will go one of two ways: Zeke will fold and come back to the team, or he’ll sit out much, if not all, of the season. Let’s see how it all plays out.

  8. Unlike other teams, the Cowboys use the run to set up the pass. The Cowboys need a solid running game to use this style of offense. I’m sure I will upset many Zeke fans, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be Zeke himself. Just a back, or multiple backs, capable of gaining yardage on most carries, and someone capable of catching passes out of the backfield. For the past few years, that been Zeke calling card.

    RB like Zeke usually don’t have long careers. They take a pounding. It make sense for Zeke to want a big pay day. It make sense for the Cowboys to hold the line.

  9. Yea, a guy who hasn’t played in the nfl has already shown Jerry that he can carry the load. Based on what? A few training camp practices?

  10. Once again Jerry is blowing smoke! Note to Jerry: You do remember how negotiations went with Dez? It wiped him out and he was never the same caliber of a player! Think about that for a minute Jerry!

  11. Who is being unreasonable? It’s hard to tell without knowing the Cowboys’ offer and Zeke’s demands. Without Zeke for an extended period it will be a disappointing season for the team. If Zeke doesn’t get his money it will be disheartening for him.

  12. ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    August 11, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Just look at the Steelers situation a year ago. Anything is possible.
    The Steelers missed the playoffs last year.

  13. Lol, Zeke is still their best weapon, not all running backs are created equal put in a slap stick behind that o-line and see how terrible they look.

  14. 1993 Actual Quote: “I have to be concerned about this team three and four years down the line. We would miss Emmitt but in my judgment we can compete without him. I think I’m making the correct decision” Jerry Jones

  15. I wish that someone would disrespect me to the tune of $13 million over 2 years (his current contract) or even $13.5 million or so per year (the current offer).

  16. He is going to try to figure out if he can win without Ziggy Elliott in the regular season before he decides what to do with Ziggy’s demands.

  17. A couple things about the allusions to Emmitt Smith holdout:
    – Emmitt Smith did get paid and became the highest paid running back in the league, but he got less than he wanted. There were reports that he was asking for up to $5 million a year. He got 4 years, $13.6M.
    – Emmitt Smith had a history of holdouts. He held out in 1990 too, before his rookie season.
    – Cowboys went 0-2 and Lassic was not great in the starting RB role. With that said, there was more to this story. The locker room mostly sided with Smith in the holdout and simply refused to block for Lassic. It was the equivalent to seeing DeMarco Murray get blindsided every play while having to play under the Chip Kelly offense. Also they ran into a buzzsaw the first two weeks, Washington played lights out in their first game and their second game was against Buffalo on the road.

    With that said I don’t think Elliott is in a great position here, for a few reasons:
    – Cowboys are capped out and they consistently pay their players. They can’t pay everyone though.
    – Elliott is a suspension waiting to happen. He gets into trouble every year and he has a target on this back.
    – Prescott and Cooper have to get paid too.
    – Also the line has to get paid too. No matter how good Elliott is he ain’t worth beans without a line. Same goes for Prescott and Cooper.
    – Now if Dallas pays the line and the skill position players, they won’t be doing much good watching the game on the sidelines while opposing offenses put together drive after drive.

  18. When Emmitt Smith held out, he had just won the Super Bowl. He just wanted to be paid. When he returned, he won another Super Bowl, and then a third.

    The difference between Emmitt Smith and Ezekiel Elliott is not that the latter has never advanced beyond a wild card game. It’s that the former never had any off field problems or caused controversy for the team.

    Emmitt Smith was a man. He was a football player. He never embarrassed the team. All he did was rush for more yards than any other running back and win multiple championships.

    Ezekiel Elliott is not that. He’s never won anything. Running backs are expendable in this league, and he should know that. He has zero leverage in negotiating a new contract.

  19. Emmitt was coming off a Super Bowl winning season, & didn’t have two years left under contract. Not exactly apples to apples…..

  20. Trade for AP. I know he’s old as dirt but if you put him on turf with that O-line & give him motivation for him playing in TX for his favorite team. He is a player that’s mind is as strong as his body. He would will himself to 2000 yds I bet. I think he could do it.

  21. @Cowboys Fan says:
    August 11, 2019 at 7:41 pm
    “Trade Zeke to another dumb team like the Jets or Lions. They’ll fork over multiple 1st round picks for the immature Ewok.”

    No team is giving up a 1st round pick no less two for Elliot, for the exact reason that you call him an immature Ewok. He has been suspended once for off field behavior, narrowly avoided another suspension this season for off field issues and is no holding out in an absolutely absurd situation. Is he important to the Cowboys’ offense, absolutely, would he make the same impact behind another O-line in a pass first offense? NO WAY!!!

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