Report: Four teams have called Ravens about Kaare Vedvik trade

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There was trade chatter around Ravens kicker Kaare Vedvik last summer before he suffered injuries in an assault that kept him off the field for the rest of the season.

With Vedvik again kicking well and Justin Tucker still on hand in Baltimore, chatter is picking up about a possible trade again this year. A report on Saturday indicated the Jets are interested in Vedvik — that interest may be amplified by Chandler Catanzaro‘s retirement — but that they believe the bears will trade for him.

Sunday brings word of other suitors. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that four teams have called the Ravens about dealing for the kicker and that two of them are from the NFC North.

It would be surprising if the Bears weren’t one of the teams as Elliott Fry and Eddy Piniero are competing for the job in camp after getting through an offseason kicking carousel in Chicago. If their offer isn’t big enough, they may be going against Vedvik in the regular season.

13 responses to “Report: Four teams have called Ravens about Kaare Vedvik trade

  1. Whoever signs him will get great value. This guy is not only long and accurate, he can also boom punts. If a team needs a kicker AND a punter, they could save themselves an additional roster spot by trading for Vedvik. I’m intrigued to see how high of a draft pick the Ravens can get for him, particularly with at least 4 potential suitors.

  2. Eventually, someday, some GM and Coach are going to look like a genius for finding someone like this kid, someone who can kick and punt…saving an extra roster spot for another player at another position.

  3. If 4 teams have shown interest in him…he should have been traded by now. Get it done and give the kid a chance to work with his new snapper and holder. My bet is Jerry Jones will offer a ridiculous draft pick like a 3rd and he becomes as Cowboy.

  4. The fact this guy can punt, too, is valuable. Do any of these 4 teams have needs at both? An extra roster spot opens. The Ravens are gonna get a nice haul…

  5. If the Ravens are asking for more than a 5th rounder then every team in the league should ignore the opportunity to teach the Ravens a lesson. A cautionary tale against getting too greedy.

    Then I realized the Jets were involved….

  6. Unless some team ponies up assets too good to refuse, the better plan for the Ravens would be to consider keeping Vedvik as the punter (Koch is 36 years old) and having, as an added benefit, the NFL’s best backup kicker, if Tucker would suffer an injury of any kind. This would be a great investment in the future.

  7. The problem with a combination kicker/punter is if you carry no backup and he’s hurt, you have a good chance of losing the game. A kicker functions as a backup punter and the punter as backup kicker. If you don’t have either, who is the backup going to be?
    Can you train a player to be a low NFL level kicker and punter in 1-2 seasons?
    If kicking and punting could be learned in 2-3 years then why wouldn’t more good high school soccer players who don’t play soccer in college (or even those who do play college soccer) practice punting and kicking?

    I’d practice both for 4 years if I could earn $600,000 for a year or two or ten.

  8. The Bears blamed their playoff loss last year on the kicker and cut him, even though his kick was blocked and would have been good if it wasn’t deflected by the tip of a finger. Now they have a problem with a replacement and need to trade for one? Looks like the solution is worse than their “problem.”

  9. Kid is definitely talented, both FG and Punting. Although say he could suit ONE roster spot for a team to do both, lineup you wouldn’t want your FG succumbing to more hits by punting as well. Similarly when a stud WR returns punts at first, once they solidify being a stud WR teams generally don’t want them returning punts anymore for risk of injury.

  10. I’m praying John Dorsey is one of the suitors. He has an extra 4th, 6th and 7th at his disposal for 2020.
    Highly unlikely though because he spent a 5th on Austin Seibert in 2019.

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