Report: Stephen Ross “freaked out” over reaction to Presidential fundraiser

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross didn’t flinch in response to criticism over his decision to hold a six-figure fundraiser for President Trump. But Ross thought about it.

Jonathan Swan of reports that Ross “freaked out” over the reaction to the situation, and that he considered canceling the event due to pressure directed to SoulCycle and Equinox, two fitness brands he owns. Trump associates persuaded Ross to continue as planned.

“Stay strong, it’s not going to be that bad. Not that many people are going to boycott the gym,” an unnamed source told Swan, paraphrasing the message directed to Ross.

The New York Post reports that President Trump joked about the situation at one of two fundraisers on Friday.

“Steve Ross got into a little bit of trouble this week, I said, ‘Steve, welcome to the world of politics,'” Trump said.

Welcome to the world of politics indeed. Plenty of NFL owners have supported President Trump for the past four years with no backlash. As opposition to racially divisive rhetoric and tweets emanating from the Oval Office grows, public figures who continue to support him necessarily will feel more and more pressure to sever ties.

35 responses to “Report: Stephen Ross “freaked out” over reaction to Presidential fundraiser

  1. Definitely not a line i would want to cross if i was him, but its his choice. Thats the beauty of being an American!

  2. It’s an interesting situation but as soon as you publicly state your personal politics, directly or indirectly, you are inviting criticism.

    Especially these days.

  3. I assume this owner will have no problem with his players expressing their political views during the national anthem this year, correct?

  4. Dunkleford Von Shillington says:
    August 11, 2019 at 4:03 pm
    I assume this owner will have no problem with his players expressing their political views during the national anthem this year, correct?


    Apples and oranges my friend. He’s hosting a fundraiser for Trump during his personal time. Players are kneeling during work hours. If Ross were hosting the fundraiser in the suites at the stadium during the game and it was being televised, you’d have a point.

  5. He’s right. Volkswagen was in a similar situation, and they seem to be doing fine.

  6. The fact that a billionaire NFL team owner is “freaked out” over the reaction to throwing a fundraiser for the most divisive president in history glaringly shows just how out of touch the elites have become. The billionaire class only wants to look at Trump’s economic policies while turning a bind eye to his rhetoric and actions. There were a bunch of elites in 1930’s Germany who thought the same thing about the guy they supported. That didn’t turn out well. Our billionaire class needs to grow a soul and start caring about their fellow Americans.

  7. Trump 2020….cannot wait!!!

    It’s not too late in life to develop standards. You can do it!

  8. Historically, when a business expresses support for Trump, business makes huge gains. As far as the” kneeler” poster, he didn’t do this on the field. Its his personal life. Remember when that was respected by good, freedom loving people? I didn’t think so.

  9. Why listen to the hypocritical intolerant, elitist bullies. Stand strong! The quiet Americans will deliver. Trump 2020! So let it be written. So let it be done. Etc.. etc…etc..

  10. President Trump continues to do great work. After his 2nd term it’s going to be exciting to welcome Ivanka Trump in as the 1st female President.

  11. arlingtonassasin says:
    August 11, 2019 at 3:41 pm
    I’m sure Rossy loved those tax cuts where 83% of the benefits went to the top 1%
    Just because you are more successful doesn’t mean you should be taxed twice as much as the middle or lower class. Especially when the lower class costs way more due to laziness and protests.

  12. tonyzendejas says:
    August 11, 2019 at 4:27 pm
    Trump 2020….cannot wait!!!

    It’s not too late in life to develop standards. You can do it!


    It’s not too late in life to develop common sense. You can do it!

  13. Remember when NFL owners didn’t support Trump on the various occasions when he tried to buy an NFL team to join their exclusive club, especially the time when he bankrupted the USFL trying to get the entire league into the NFL?

    Good times…

  14. Looking at thumbs ups and downs is really telling as to how manipulated we are just based on how a person can get thumbed downed while another gets thumbs up when they are virtually saying the same thing on either side.

  15. All these guys making 30k a year are worried about the rich getting taxed to much. How stupid, you guys are temporarily embarrassed millionaires. Keep listening to fox news but it gets harder every day to live the American dream and get rich or even own a house. They have people thinking universal health care is a bad thing if you get people to buy crap like that , you can sell them any bridge. Keep letting the elite make excess money off our backs. How much actual work do you think a guy like Ross or snyder actually has done . Very little, we let the guys with the soft hands that haven’t worked screw us. Stop giving corporate tax breaks. That money doesnt trickle down. Trump economy is based off stock buy backs and that bubble is about to pop, just in time for them to blame the democratic president in 2020. Trump is a fascist.

  16. You hang out with Trump and your life will get better. Just visit his associates in prison. He ruins everyone he touches now he has Ross. Too bad I used to respect him. No more. Boycott anything you can.

  17. What’s more American than paying your taxes and racism?! Trump doesn’t do one but does the other. Depending on your political party you’ll figure it out.

  18. Thank you, Stills, for being courageous and honest about the unacceptable BS coming out of the White House and for saying IT’S NOT OKAY to support it. I wish more players on “my” team would do the same.

  19. No, it’s Stills that brought it. It was Stills who has shown his intolerance for Ross exercising his own rights.

    If the situation had been the other way around i.e., if Stills would publicly campaign for let’s say Corey Booker and Ross criticizes the decision, Ross’s critics would still blame Ross.

    These people only tolerate those who agree with them and support their agenda.

  20. tonyzendejas says:
    August 11, 2019 at 4:27 pm
    Trump 2020….cannot wait!!!

    It’s not too late in life to develop standards. You can do it!

    Standards? Like allowing anyone to enter the country, allow convicted felon’s still in prison to vote, allow illegal immigrants the ability to vote? Those types of standards?

  21. I dont understand why there would be backlash. If Obama were still in office, would there be backlash if Ross supported him?

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