Vikings will release Kevin McDermott

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The Vikings special teams shakeup extends beyond the trade for kicker Kaare Vedvik.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the team will release long snapper Kevin McDermott. The Vikings drafted long snapper Austin Cutting in the seventh round this year and he received clearance to play while serving his Air Force commitment in July.

McDermott has been the long snapper in Minnesota since 2015. The move saves $760,000 in cap space.

The move came after head coach Mike Zimmer discussed issues associated with having two long snappers in camp earlier in the day.

“Honestly, I really like Dan Bailey,” Zimmer said, via the Pioneer Press. “I think he’s a very professional, mature kid. We’ve been having some issues with the snap, hold, kick kind of thing. Having two long snappers has added to that a little bit because the timing is a bit different. The holding we’re working on quite a bit.”

Zimmer wouldn’t discuss the Vedvik trade because it was not official at that point, but Bailey’s up-and-down camp played into the decision to make the move. Vedvik can also punt the ball, so more changes on special teams are likely to come one way or another.

25 responses to “Vikings will release Kevin McDermott

  1. As a Packers fan I’m happy to see this kid get a chance, especially bc my own daughter was his Air Force Academy classmate this spring. I hope he makes a long career out of it and then carries out his duties as an Air Force Officer for these great old United States.

    Go Falcons!!!

  2. Actually only about 250k in savings cuz his replacement is making 413k and they weren’t going to keep both of them.

  3. Having to double as a kicker and punter can take its toll late in the season. The punting and kickoff disances may shorten and field goal accuracy may get worse.

  4. I don’t get this one. I have read everything I could find about kicking in camp and while there has been a lot of change at the holder spot, the sportswriters seemed to think that McDermott has been the better snapper. I know we used a draft pick on this position but even then I didn’t know why. I am guessing there is more wrong there than we know if they spent a pick on Cutting and are only saving a pittance.

  5. I think preventing the Bears from acquiring Vedvik may have had something to do with it too.

  6. No surprise there McDermott has been getting pushed around for the last 2 seasons. It almost cost the Vikings the playoff game with the Saints.

  7. Played with a broken finger. Tough as nails. Problem, go routinely knocked off his blocks & that caused havoc with FG’s being rushed, messing with the timing & the punts going a little early. This is a position of need to upgrade the the Vikes.

  8. I think it’s a smart move having one guy handle both jobs.

    On the other hand, usually a punter is the holder; can’t hold for yourself.

    Ooo, maybe he’ll drop kick all field goals!

    In all seriousness, having one guy do both jobs will free up a roster spot plus has to be easier on the salary cap, right?

    I’m honestly curious what others think.

  9. I understand the 1 guy for 2 jobs, but what if he gets hurt? The kickers are the back ups to each other. Who’s gonna be the back up? Randall Cunningham is no longer on the roster.

  10. Vikesfansteve,

    Not nitpicking but you can’t bring up that he played with a broken finger without mentioning the tip of it ripped off during the game.


  11. Titan says:
    August 12, 2019 at 11:13 am
    No Super Bowl until they cut ties with Rick Spielman.

    Do you mean the Pro Frootball Weekly 2017 Executive of the Year Rick Spielman or is there another Rick Spielman I’m not aware of?

  12. “We’ve been having some issues with the snap, hold, kick kind of thing.”


    If it doesn’t have to do with the defense, Zimmer doesn’t have a clue.

  13. What this really does is guarantee that Zimmer has a year after this one, as he has a new group of scapegoats! Who’s gonna get the blame when you miss the playoffs again? but hey if you beat the Packers that’s a successful season, right? Third Place Homeboy!!

  14. is there any way we can get Ryan Longwell out of retirement?

    this team should just go for it on 4th down. i’ve lost all faith. i’ve never seen so many missed field goals since the Blair Walsh miss.

    you can knock gary anderson all you want, but the guy was far more reliable than anything we have had since he left, except for ryan longwell.

  15. Just more moves made by the best franchise ever. With the best fanbase ever.

    Everyone else should just admit it. No one else ever be optimistic about your team because only we are allowed to have optimism. Especially after super bowl win number 60 this year!

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