Antonio Brown acknowledges arbitrator’s ruling

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The arbitrator has spoken, and so has Antonio Brown. It’s just not clear what Brown is saying.

“While I disagree with the arbitrator’s decision, I’m working on getting back to full health and looking forward to rejoining my teammates on the field,” Brown said on Instagram regarding the outcome of the grievance filed regarding the league’s refusal to allow him to wear his helmet of choice. “I’m excited about this season appreciate all the concerns about my feet.”

The “while I disagree” comment seems to be a precursor to a statement accepting the decision, but he never specifically and expressly does that. Acceptance is implied, but there’s a chance that Brown will explore other options before crying “uncle” on this issue.

Some have suggested that Brown’s lingering absence from the Raiders has more to do with his helmet preference than his feet, which reportedly were frozen in a cryotherapy chamber last month. His statement pins the absence squarely on the residual effects of the frostbite.

Until he actually returns, it’s fair to wonder whether something more is going on. Brown reportedly has threatened to retire over the helmet situation. And his legal team has leaked to the media that, if Brown suffers an injury wearing a different helmet, Brown will hold the league liable.

33 responses to “Antonio Brown acknowledges arbitrator’s ruling

  1. It’s either his feet or his head. I say we meet somewhere in the middle and look forward to his upcoming stomach ailment.

  2. Jeeze. Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans have to be delirious that AB is no longer their problem. Sure – he’s fast as lightning and a great player, but his diva act is over the top. PERFECT for the Raiders, though. They deserve each other.

  3. I think dude is trying to change the narrative in any way he can. Talking about how he is a wild diva is still a better look (at least I believe it is to him anyways) than how he bumbled the cryotherapy chamber. The best part about Brown is no one really knows because he’s that much of a loose cannon.

  4. Let’s speculate…(1) failed drug test which typically player and team are made aware before the public (2) frost-bite injury is worse than player and team are willing to admit.

  5. He has no choice but to return.
    He is GREEDY so he’s not going to turn down tens of millions of dollars.
    In the end, he’s a diva, a blowhard, a me-first player, and a player I am SOOOO glad is no longer on my Steelers roster.

  6. He said he’s looking forward to rejoining his teammates on the field. That seems pretty clear to me. As nutty as the guy is, he’s still an incredible player so if he can get back in the next couple of weeks he should still be an impact player for the Raiders.

  7. Maybe he’s just done with football, losing interest. I expect AB to have his worst season… if he plays.

    Right now about a 99% chance the Raiders don’t get what they paid for.

  8. What will set him off next. He will never be satisfied.

    Too much baggage.

    Look for the Steelers to play a lot better this year, with this side show gone, never mind the other one.

  9. Good Lord people… he was never going to retire. His threat was negotiating 101. He threatened… they called him on it… he recognized and accepted it. They called his bluff and now he’ll comply. They won. Are none of you businessmen? Nobody recognized this tactic?

  10. Can’t wait for this guy to ball out, because say what you want there is no better wr in the game right now. name me one player EVER to have 100 catches in 6 straight seasons, I will wait……..

  11. You guys are so used to seeing people kowtow to power that it messes woth your head when you see AB refuse to. AB is being AB, let him breathe so he can do what he thinks ia beat for him becuase at the end of the day, if he is on your fantasy team, thats all you should worry about.

  12. One of the craziest Fantasy Draft years i can remember. So many top players have issues with holdouts or injury: Brown, Elliott, Gordon, Gurley, AJ Green, Kupp. Add to that players on new teams who may not be the same like Bell and Beckham

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