Arbitrator rules against Antonio Brown

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The gavel has fallen quickly, and decisively. And just in time to be addressed by this week’s episode of Hard Knocks. (Eye roll emoji. If there is one.)

PFT has confirmed that a neutral, independent arbitrator has ruled against Raiders receiver Antonio Brown in a grievance filed regarding the league’s refusal to allow Brown to wear a helmet that is too old to be recertified. Mike Jones of USA Today first reported the development.

The decision isn’t a surprise. The NFL and NFL Players Association have worked together to identify procedures for determining helmets that can and can’t be used. By pushing back against that effort, Brown’s is taking on one of the few things on which the league and union have agreed.

So what’s next? Brown has threatened to retire if he can’t wear his helmet of choice. His legal team reportedly has made the baseless (and, frankly, reckless) suggestion that the NFL will be liable for any injury Brown suffers wearing a helmet that he’s not comfortable wearing.

If he’s not comfortable, maybe he should retire. Safety equipment is mandatory in various industries. Either the workers wear the approved equipment, or they find a new job. And if Brown decides to find a new job, hundreds will be lining up to take the job he no longer wants.

26 responses to “Arbitrator rules against Antonio Brown

  1. Hope he retires. He is a virus to his team and the league. He is not a great player. He is a talented player. The great ones are team focused. Brown is a selfish player.

  2. Let him play with his old helmet. Make him sign a waiver that he can never sue NFL. And must forfeit any salary if gets a concussion and misses any games.

  3. If Brown takes a new job, it would have to be outside the NFL. He will still have the same issue otherwise.

  4. Hopefully the Raiders have sent him the 5 day letter, and hopefully he ignores it so the Raiders will have the right to suspend him. Then they can void his contract and he’d be out of football because nobody is worth this much trouble… nobody… then he’ll end up just like T.O sorry he blew it during his best years, broke, and begging to come back

  5. oakfoshow says:
    August 12, 2019 at 4:55 pm
    100+ catches. 1,400 yards,15 touchdowns. 2019


    yet, they still missed the playoffs.

  6. I say if he does not want to wear the certified helmet that’s his right. I say let play without a helmet altogether.

  7. The Raiders’ organization should be kicking themselves in the butt for ever touching this guy, even with a ten foot pole. They, like many others, fell for the BS that Brown was spouting, when what he was really mad about losing the team MVP award (JuJu getting some attention), and of course, the $$$. What rational individual would have handled even a perceived slight in the manner that Brown did? Even if you throw all of this out, the twitter link in another article shows many other areas where Brown is causing issues. He’s always been about AB, not the team.

  8. They say Ben is the happiest he’s been in a long while in camp. Could it be that AB is having remorse over leaving Pittsburgh where he and Ben had a magical chemistry, and he finally realized he screwed himself going to a team who only won 4 games last year? maybe now he’s trying to get traded again. Don’t know who would want him though .

  9. So what you are telling me is that I risked my life for 10 years with a faulty helmet? Yes, Mr Brownn. Ok, good enough for me.

  10. It is time for MLB to come up with helmets that actually protect the head as well as football helmets. Getting hit on the head by a 90-100 mph fastball is not any less dangerous then getting hit on the head by a defensive back wearing a helmet.

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