DK Metcalf still drawing high praise from Russell Wilson

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DK Metcalf may find it more difficult to maintain a “nobody” mindset with the way teammates and coaches continue to speak about him.

The Seahawks rookie wide receiver continues to receive high praise from those around him as he shows what he is capable of daily on the practice field. Quarterback Russell Wilson thought Metcalf was “looking really, really special” back during OTAs in June and that enthusiasm hasn’t subsided since training camp has begun.

“He can make a lot of plays,” Wilson said. “You saw in the game, he’s a fingernail off of two massive, big plays. I think he’s going to be really special for us. I think, the key for him is, a key for any great, highly touted player and anybody really is to remain humble and keep working. That’s just the key. He’s got great humility. He’s got great poise. He’s confident. He’s competitive, as you can imagine. He’s got all the athletic ability in the world and so it’s our job to give him a chance and let him make plays.”

Wilson had Metcalf and several of Seattle’s skill position players down in Los Angeles for workouts during the summer break and Metcalf’s work ethic made an immediate impression on him.

“I don’t think his work ethic and his mentality is ever going to be in question,” Wilson said. “I think he’s going to be ready to roll and everything else. I think too, he’s fired up because I think people doubted him and also, he has a little bit of a story. People thought he may not play football or whatever because of his neck and different things like that. Sometimes, the people with stories, they’re the ones that really come up and shine because they have something to overcome.”

Metcalf caught just one pass for eight yards on four targets in Seattle’s preseason opener against the Denver Broncos on Thursday night. But as Wilson noted, he was really close to two big catches as well. Cornerback De’Vante Bausby clipped the back of Metcalf’s heel as a Geno Smith pass sailed just beyond his grasp on what would have been a possible 40-yard gain. Then late in the first half, another deep ball from Smith slipped through his fingers just shy of the goal line on a would-be 30-yard gain behind Isaac Yiadom.

“Just a hair from spectacular,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “He’s made a couple of those catches before. He clicked heels with the guy and almost got the first one, and the second one was just off his fingertips. You could see that he got behind him, just like we’re hoping. He’s a big threat.”

9 responses to “DK Metcalf still drawing high praise from Russell Wilson

  1. Football is not like pitching horseshoes. You either catch it or you don’t. A near miss does not count. Just ask Michael Crabtree whether the incompletion that went through his hands in the Super Bowl against Baltimore counted as a great play. Also the real question is not whether Metcalf is talented. It is his durability.

  2. Study your playbook, block well, run crisp routes whether you get the ball or not, watch film, secure the catch before you run, stay healthy, and don’t stir up dissention. Then you should have a fine career.

  3. he could very well be successful. but he has RW to get him the ball. in buffalo he would have been wasted. he seems like a good kid. I wish him luck in seattle.

  4. To the guys talking that they are still misses on the catches? How many great passes has Geno Smith thrown in the NFL?

    Not saying Metcalff is a superstar but he will look much better with arguably the best deep passer in the game throwing him the ball.

  5. Gary Jennings is the rookie WR to worry about right now for Hawks fans. Not really a whole lot of positive press about the young mans play thus far. It is extremely early, but the Hawks have traditionally had issues w/ 4th round WRs they’ve drafted in recent years {Chris Harper, Kevin Norwood, Amara Darboh}.

  6. I guess Seahawks fans aren’t supposed to get excited about a deep threat who’s 6’3″…runs 4.33…40+ vertical…chiseled 230 lbs…ridiculous catch radius. He dropped because of injuries not ability. He may only run a few routes but he’s exceptional at them. He’s not a head case either, the kid is working hard with Wilson. Really sucks to have a guy with almost no ceiling to his game on your team. Just have to keep the kid healthy.

  7. Russel stayin classy.
    Coulda deservedly criticized Smith, but instead kept it cool.
    Russel’s always been that way, one of his best traits.

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