Jay Gruden hopes to make QB call after third preseason game

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Jay Gruden’s gotten a chance to see two of the three quarterbacks vying for the starting job in Washington play in a game and the clock is ticking on making a decision about which of them will start against the Eagles in Week One.

Gruden has an idea of when he’d like that clock to stop. He told Albert Breer of SI.com that he’d like to know who will be the starter after facing the Falcons on August 22.

“I think it’ll come probably sooner than later, because you’d like to get that guy ready to go,” Gruden said. “I’d like to hopefully make that decision after the third preseason game, so we can get two weeks to get ready for Philadelphia with the starter.”

Gruden said that Case Keenum and Colt McCoy have “a little bit of a leg up on” Dwayne Haskins because of their edge in experience over the rookie. Gruden added that Haskins “can get there,” but he might not have time to finish the journey this summer if Gruden sticks to that timeline.

7 responses to “Jay Gruden hopes to make QB call after third preseason game

  1. Go ahead and trade Colt
    Do you remember what happened last time the Redskins started a season with two quarterbacks? Because it started with a Mar- and ended with an -anchez

  2. Kenum is the only choice. Unless you want to see Haskins career over before it began. He only played 1 season in college as a starter.

  3. Start Haskins just keep it simple like we did for the gimmick , AP and Guice with that defense could pound out some ugly wins , maybe we pick up some solid oline cuts from other teams … worst case you win only a few games get that high pick next year and trade it to. QB needy team for a load of picks for some big time linemen and be ready to roll next year .

  4. Sounds to me like he’s really saying,
    “Ownership really wants Haskins but he’s nowhere near ready yet so I’m stalling for time”

  5. What a horrible position to be in for a head coach – honestly not knowing who your starting QB is going to be until after the 3rd preseason game.

  6. like we did for the gimmick…
    Get over it dude. My wife and I joked about naming our unborn child Robert Griffin after his debut game. Our son currently is getting ready to start second grade. Move on.

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