Kyler Murray: Terrell Suggs is “old enough to be my dad”

Getty Images

Kyler Murray was 5 years old, going on 6, when the Ravens made Terrell Suggs the 10th overall choice in 2003.

So the Cardinals rookie quarterback had a predictable answer when asked what it was like to be around the first-year Cardinals linebacker, who is entering his 17th NFL season.

“He’s old enough to be my dad,” Murray said, chucking, via Darren Urban of the team website. “It’s not like we’re hanging out.”

Suggs turns 37 in October. Murray turned 22 last week.

Kevin Murray, Kyler’s father, is 55.

Thus, told of Suggs’ age, Murray allowed that maybe Suggs wasn’t quite that old.

“You need those type of guys,” Murray said of veteran players. “He prides himself on winning. He’s won a lot. I know culture is a big part of any organization or team.”