NFL strikes deal to distribute data to sports betting operations

Getty Images

The NFL has made a deal to distribute data to sports betting operations for the first time.

The league already had a deal with Sportsradar to distribute official play-by-play statistics and the league’s proprietary player tracking data to media outlets. The company announced an expansion of that relationship on Monday to cover the distribution of that data to legal and regulated sports betting operations in the United States and abroad.

Sportsradar says the league will also use the company’s integrity services to monitor betting on NFL games.

“Sportradar has been an excellent partner the last four years and has provided the league, our teams, and media marketplace with innovative data products,” NFL Media executive vice president and COO Hans Schroeder said in a statement. “We look forward to working with Sportradar to deliver fast, accurate official league data that will innovate and improve experiences for our fans across platforms.”

We’ve seen teams experiment with in-game contests that aren’t gambling, but provide a framework of what that might look like in the near future. The data being distributed through this deal should move those games closer to becoming a reality.