Pete Carroll promises more catches for Chris Carson

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Through two NFL seasons, Seahawks running back Chris Carson has just 27 catches. That’s going to change this year.

That’s the word from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, who said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Carson, who started three games as a rookie in 2017 and 14 games in 2018, is going to be much more involved in the Seahawks’ passing game going forward.

“Chris may have the best hands on the team,” Carroll said. “He’s got a great catching range and really comfortable catching the ball in all different kinds of positions. He’ll catch the ball more this year, for sure. That’s something we want to expand his role, which he’s capable of doing. We’ll play him more on third downs because he is such a capable guy.”

Last year Carson caught 20 passes in 14 games. That’s not much for the player who may have the best hands on the team. Expect a lot more from him this year.

3 responses to “Pete Carroll promises more catches for Chris Carson

  1. “Best hands on the team.”

    Look…I don’t doubt that Carson can catch the ball, but Pete will say just about anything, won’t he? If Carson has north of 25 catches, I’ll be shocked.

  2. They run the ball so often that Seattle was ranked 25th in the league in passing yards in 2018. If they throw more to Carson, then the wide receivers and TE may be bored to tears out there. Perhaps they should give George Fant a jersey with number in the 80s so he can play TE more and does not have to keep reporting to the officials every time he comes in. The TE won’t be getting many passes thrown his way anyway if they throw more to Carson.

  3. every good offense in the league throws to their RB’s. We’ve somehow never mastered it (got to go back to Mr. John L. Williams, anyone still remember him?) . . .would be a welcome chance to mix it up with more throws to Carson. Most DB’s won’t be in a big hurry to tackle him if he’s got any room to get going.

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