Taking a look at the nuttiest off-field story lines

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The still-unfolding Antonio Brown situation seems like one of the craziest off-field NFL situations to ever happen. But there have been others.

On Monday’s PFT Live, Simms and I drafted the most memorable of the most nutty off-field predicaments.

Bottom line: Brown has a long way to go to match some of those who have preceded him. Hopefully, his situation won’t get to that point.

If there’s any we missed, chime in via the comments. And if you disagree with any that we picked, let us know.

4 responses to “Taking a look at the nuttiest off-field story lines

  1. A couple of old Patriots’ tales:

    1. They hired a new head coach back in the 70’s by the name of Clive Rush. At his introductory press conference he took the microphone from the stand and was nearly electrocuted. He was thrown across the stag and chaos ensued.

    2. They had a receiver named Irving Fryar who was a pretty good player. He got hurt in the first half of a game in the old Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro and was ruled out for the rest of the game. At halftime, IN FULL UNIFORM, he crashed his car into a tree just off Route 1 near the stadium. No word on whether he still had his helmet on.

  2. A nut is a nut, whether he is the nuttiest of them all or not. It is no consolation to AB not to be the nuttiest.

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