Vikings turn to baseball for their new COO

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The local baseball team is having a great season. The local football team has turned to baseball to find its new Chief Operating Officer.

The Vikings have announced that former Toronto Blue Jays executive Andrew Miller will be the new COO as of September 1. Miller replaces Kevin Warren, who will become the new Commissioner of the Big 10.

“We are thrilled to name Andrew COO of the Minnesota Vikings,” owner and president Mark Wilf said in a statement.  “Andrew is a first-class individual, known for his integrity, strong business acumen, and collaborative approach. He cares deeply about people and their development and is acutely focused on every way in which he can improve the organization. Kevin Warren has been an integral part of the Vikings for the past 15 years and helped create a culture we are all proud of.  We think Andrew is a tremendous addition to our organization, and will help us continue to build on that foundation, while always putting the utmost importance on our fans and our community.”

Miller also spent 10 years with the Cleveland Indians, working with Mark Shapiro.

“I am honored to join an organization with such a deep tradition as the Minnesota Vikings and work with the Wilf family, who have demonstrated such a strong commitment to the community,” Miller said. “I am excited to be a part of the Vikings organization and positively impact our fans, who are among the most passionate in all sports. My family and I look forward to immersing ourselves in the state of Minnesota.”

The COO position, primarily if not exclusively a business-only job, has extra meaning in Minnesota, given that owners Mark and Zygi Wilf do not reside there. Miller essentially will be “in charge” of the organization when Mark or Zygi are not physically present. For teams where that approach works, there’s never a question raised. For teams where it doesn’t (like with the Dolphins in past years), it’s always an issue.

10 responses to “Vikings turn to baseball for their new COO

  1. The Wilfs like to do things one way, and Miller likes to do things his way. Sounds like trouble. Even if there is no trouble whatsoever, we can always say there is………because we feel like it.

    I learned that somewhere.

  2. Broken Sky Diver:

    Vikings still have to pay Kirk even if they cut him. Fully guaranteed 3year deal with one year expired. No way Kirk gets cut.

  3. Sounds like he has good credentials. He definitely has big shoes to fill.

  4. As long as he has the credentials then this is a non-issue. Jumping sports (or industries) for high level execs doesn’t matter as much until you get down the the people who’s involved with everyday decisions, such as GM, scouts, coaches.

  5. Picking baseball talent is harder than football talent. There the metrics cover a lot more, In football the guys use brute strength speed and doing what they are told, in Baseball a player has to know ALL the other players in the field plus everyone in the bull pin. He needs to be able to figure out angles, where to hit, what strengths and weakness every player has, etc much more cerebral. Plus they have a lot less time to get all of this down because of all the games. Watch for player suggestions to be for a lot smarter players.. Somebody else has and does this, the 49ers in the 80’s and the Patriots for the past 20 years..Look how many SB rings they have between them! It is also why B-Ballplayers have a lot longer careers. I think this is a very good move.

  6. You can say what you want about the Wilf’s, but they are willing to spend the money to win. So, I support the suggestion of a previous writer that the Wilf’s buy the Twins. The Twins will never do what it takes to win, only what it takes to be “competitive!

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