Antonio Brown offers to trade signed helmet for newer model


Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is on the hunt for a helmet of his preferred model that the NFL will let him wear. And he’s offering a memorabilia trade if he can get one.

Brown wrote on Twitter today that if someone will give him a Schutt AiR Advantage helmet that fits him and is less than 10 years old, Brown will trade a signed practice helmet for it.

“I’m looking for a Schutt Air Advantage Adult Large Helmet that was manufactured in 2010 or after. In exchange I will trade a signed practice worn Raiders helmet,” Brown wrote on Twitter.

At issue is the NFL’s rule that players can’t play in helmets more than 10 years old. Brown has been wearing the same helmet throughout his NFL career, and he tried to bring it with him from Pittsburgh and have it re-painted to play in it for the Raiders. But that helmet is now more than 10 years old, so the NFL won’t let him wear it. The NFL will, however, let him wear the same model of helmet. Schutt discontinued that model eight years ago, so finding one won’t be easy.

Brown’s offer seems rather chintzy, given that Brown made noises about quitting football and walking away from tens of millions of dollars if he didn’t get to play in his preferred helmet. If the helmet matters that much to Brown, a player who has made about $70 million in his NFL career and may end up making $70 million more before it’s over, he ought to be willing to give up a lot more than a signed practice helmet for it.

Anyone out there who has a Schutt Air Advantage that’s less than 10 years old and would fit Brown would be wise to consider that signed practice helmet merely an opening bid.

81 responses to “Antonio Brown offers to trade signed helmet for newer model

  1. “I’m looking for a Schutt Air Advantage Adult Large Helmet…”

    Adult? Are you sure?

  2. How the heck has Schutt not stepped up to custom make AB a new model of his preferred helmet? Seems like the free pub would be worth it, I’ve already heard the name Schutt more times in the last week than I have my entire life.

  3. Cheapskate…he needs to pony up CASH. A signed helmet wont cut it. Tickets and a meet & greet with cash and fans will pour in with legit helmets.

  4. Somebody in the engineering department at Schutt should be able to find the tooling and raw materials necessary to make a brand new one.

  5. With all the free press it seems Schutt could, perhaps, could do a “special order” run and make a few of these helmets?

  6. I’s accept 100K from Big Chest for the helmet….or I’d take a signed practice helmet AND

  7. Not only hard to find one that’s at least 8 years old, but finding a Raiders helmet in that model ups the degree of difficulty too.

  8. I’m starting to think this guy just isn’t very smart and/or gets a lot of bad advice lol

  9. This is a typical pittsburgh steelers player.

    All mouth, junior high personality/mentality mouth, and low character.

    These players don’t get called for it until they leave pittsburgh.
    (since the nfl media protects pittsburgh – ESPECIALLY pft)

  10. Sorry AB but don’t expect to not pay through the nose for that helmet. Memorabilia isn’t enough. The rarer things are, the more expensive they get. Hope you get price gouged on this transaction.

  11. Equipment managers everywhere are searching for that helmet like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket…

  12. I did not know that NFL players did not get custom made helmets that fit their heads perfectly. People often buy custom tailored clothes and even shoes, so why not have custom made helmets.

  13. i have one. i let him know i d give it to him for 29 million. he claims he was willing to give up 30 million, so he actually is a million richer. he a moron and i m assuming his counter off will be 31 million.

  14. Nothing less than 6 figures if I had that helmet. He’s threatened to retire and walk away from 30+ million w Oakland so if he’s willing to leave 30 million on the table over this helmet so I would want to be compensated highly as obviously his team has reached out and tried to find him this helmet already so there is a rarity to this item as is plus recipient is beyond desperate for this one item. $500,000.

  15. Why the hell cant they just get the manufacturer to make a new one special just for him?

    This is ridiculous, I’m pretty sure they still have the prints on a computer.

    We gotta deal with a soap opera drama for months over something so unbelievably stupid.

    Millions of dollars at stake in a billion dollar industry over a couple hundred dollar helmet, absolutely insane.

  16. “I’m looking for a Schutt Air Advantage Adult Large Helmet that was manufactured in 2010 or after. In exchange I will trade a signed practice worn Raiders helmet,”

    Have you guys read his Twitter feed? No chance AB wrote that. Way too coherent.

  17. So the league that was pulled kicking and screaming to finally admit CTE was a concern

  18. Someone on another article stated that there were two models of the same helmet, and the one AB wore was the earlier model, before they added extra padding which increased the helmet size. The earlier model helmet was discontinued 10+ years ago. Maybe that’s why the NFL said, sure if you can find one less than 10 years old, you can wear. They already knew the model did not exist. LOL

  19. Make him a helmet. Make him a helmet. It is a discontinued model. That’s like asking Ford to make me a 68’ Mustang. You’ve still got all the plans and you know how to make it, right? Just make me one.

  20. The helmet was discontinued in 2011 so that means he’ll get 2 years out of it at most, and only 1 if it’s from 2010. So what’s his plan for next season and beyond?

  21. To everyone saying he should just pay to have a new one made, it isn’t that easy. Helmets aren’t just build free form, they are molded. The company stopped producing these 10+ years ago and the molds are long gone. The company probably still have the specs for a new mold to be made, but getting that done in the space of a few days would be prohibitive in cost. Brown offering only a signed helmet in trade shows how cheap he is and no doubt would choke on the cost of getting that mold made for a few helmets to be made.

  22. The issue is not just the age of the helmet which is a National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) standard. The helmet must also pass the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) certification requirement. The helmet is dropped to inflict “29 impacts at seven different impact locations, including three random impact locations, four lower-velocity impacts, and four impacts at high temperatures. For the pneumatic ram testing, the helmet and headform are mounted onto a linear bearing table and impacted with a pneumatic ram at 19.6 meters per second on six different locations, including one random location. Helmets must meet the standard at all impacts in both testing configurations.” NOCSAE Football Helmet Standards Overview.

    That certification is complex and the helmet design or materials may fail. Note that the manufacturer of the helmet went into bankruptcy in 2010 due to a patent infringement lawsuit with Riddell. It is unlikely that any helmets were made in 2010 or later so the serial number of the helmet probably will disqualify all Ebay helmets based on the NAERA ten year standard.

    The Ebay helmets may also need to pass the new NOCSAE rotational test. If the NFLPA and NFL require all equipment to pass the most current NOCSAE standard it is highly unlikely that the Ebay helmet would pass.

    Moreover there is the issue of timing and cost of the test. Moreover, with concussion lawsuits already on file it would be foolish of NOCSAE to approve a more than ten year old design discarded by its manufacturer made with at least nine year old materials. The Ebay solution is a ridiculous attempt to placate a player who sees himself above the rules of his profession.

  23. All of his complaining about the new helmet blocking his vision but this is the same dude who showed off a video of himself spending the off season catching footballs while balancing on a ball one legged with strobe glasses on. Antonio Clown is his new name.

  24. Wow, so his agent made millions off of AB’s last deal and he won’t find his client the helmet he wants?

  25. I would not be willing to just trade for a raiders practice helmet. I would want specifically the helmet that he repainted himself. And yes, signed too.

    I would also want some liability waivers because if he gets himself hurt I don’t want to hear about being the guy that provided the helmet.

  26. The over/under on Antonio Brown acting like a baby during the regular season is set at Week 4. I’m going to have to take the under on this one. It would be surprising if he makes it through the first few Raiders’ losses.

  27. AB should have a lot of money. Negotiate the price like AB does. Make an outrageous request and cry like a baby when he says that’s unreasonable then hold to it and make him pay.

  28. If money were on the table chances are he’d stiff whomever he gets the helmet from anyways. You can go stand in line with everyone else he can’t settle his bills with.

  29. r8rsfan says:
    August 13, 2019 at 11:25 am
    Not only hard to find one that’s at least 8 years old, but finding a Raiders helmet in that model ups the degree of difficulty too.


    Yeah, ok.
    Tell me, do you suppose AB thought of that?

  30. If I have what AB needs and I know what he is making, I’m not accepting less than 6 figures for the helmet. Simple supply and demand lesson for you Mr. Big Chest.

  31. It’s kind of funny when you see fans complain about players being divas. IF AJ Green were a diva, he would be making more and we’d see his face all over TV and other social platforms. Players understand how short this window is and some are willing to do whatever to capitalize off the moment and create generational wealth for their families.

  32. even as a raider fan, im sorry but you are going to have to put out alot more than some autographed practice helm. i need to see some green. get the raiders to pay for you i dont care.

  33. I’d pay more for a pet rock than I would for Brown’s helmet.

    I am however thinking of starting a #gofundme page to pay Son-of-Al to sell the Raiders so that they can become viable in the future.

  34. While in France, he “supposedly” dropped one million+ euros on a watch. Surely have can offer more than a chintzy signed practice helmet in exchange for the all important, less than 10 year old, Schutt Air Advantage.

  35. Maybe a series of youtube videos of folks destroying Schutt helmets would stimulate the market and elicit a more realistic bid from AB’s crack team of negotiators.

    Yes, this is ABSOLUTELY a dumb idea. But RELATIVELY, is it more dumb or less dumb than watching kids eat Tide pods? Let the market decide.

  36. Dude, if you were a packers fan you would hear it everyday from other pack fans. I just schutt my pants again. Guy or gal. Doesn’t matter.

    ill42 says:
    August 13, 2019 at 11:14 am
    How the heck has Schutt not stepped up to custom make AB a new model of his preferred helmet? Seems like the free pub would be worth it, I’ve already heard the name Schutt more times in the last week than I have my entire life.

  37. Good indication of his popularity that the company hasn’t already volunteered to make him a new helmet.

  38. Schutt The Front Door – And The Back Door Too!

    Frozen feet, illegal helmet, what next Antonio? I’m so happy to see you are now the Raider’s problem.

  39. I have one but I’m holding out for the signed couch and cryotherapy protective footwear.

  40. Dear Mr. Big Chest,

    I just went into my basement and found you 1, Schutt Air Advantage Adult Large Helmet. Your current offer to sign a practice helmet is not a good enough jester, especially since,

    1 – You have not practiced in Oakland because your whining like a spoiled little girl

    and most importantly

    2 – You are going to have to pony up some big Franklin’s for this one.

    Obviously, some of us are not a dumb as you and frostbite are feet and cry about a helmet so they do not have to show up for practice.

    if you are interested in my helmet, the cost for you to purchase it will be $5 million dollars. And yes, before you can take the helmet, your check will have to clear my bank account first because my luck is that as dumb as your are not putting on proper foot gear to frostbite your teeth, your bank account might also be frostbitten and your check ends up bouncing higher then that fat head you want to put the helmet on.

    Sincerely, Art

  41. youngnoize says:
    August 13, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    Players understand how short this window is and some are willing to do whatever to capitalize off the moment and create generational wealth for their families.


    They’re all creating “generational wealth for their families”. But some are choosing to not only make more than all their teammates, but to then take still more on top of that (hurting their teammates’ chances to create wealth, or even to be employed), and to sacrifice their actual accomplishment of something special within the game itself (i.e., legacy) to chase the almighty dollar that they already have tens of millions of.

    Dress it up however you like, but in the end it’s “screw you, I’ve got mine”. When there’s more than enough for everyone involved to be rich.

    There’s hardly anyone left to root for at this point. It’s just the Greed Olympics.

  42. Yes Antonio Brown helmet is a schutt air advantage helmet. I build custom helmets and took a look at one of his game worn helmets. The bladder inside is black not green. Black is X. Large. Green is for size Large. I wonder if he changed helmet size or he truly does not know what size he needs? I do have two LaDainian Tomlinson custom helmets the stamp code are from 2009 and 2010 them are new never used. Also shutt stopped making the helmet in 2011.

  43. Have the company run like 500 helmets ( I’m sure they can’t run just one) give AB a couple. Sell the rest with ABs autograph and sell them off for charity. It builds his character, gives extra money to a needy charity. Problem solvex.

  44. I wish they’d give Brown a leather helmet with no face guard or chin strap. I’d definitely watch him play if he wore one of those!!!

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