Jerry Jones is “squeezing and waiting for help” in negotiations


Jerry Jones got a deal done with Emmitt Smith in 1993 after the running back held out for the first two games. He got a deal done with Dez Bryant at the 11th hour in 2015 after the Cowboys franchised the receiver.

So the Cowboys owner is not concerned about getting deals done with Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper.

That’s the Cliff’s Notes version — Jerry’s Notes version? — of what Jones said Tuesday when asked about juggling three contract negotiations.

“Picture if you were the driver of a car, and you had a wreck and your hand was almost severed off. but you didn’t understand your anatomy,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of “You look down. You’re spurting blood. You open the door and run to the woods and either die of bleeding to death or shock. The educated man looks down, knows his anatomy, squeezes and knows his best chance is to wait for help. That’s because he’s been there a lot and done that. And so I’m squeezing and waiting for help. That’s my lesson for today.”

The Cowboys don’t appear close on any of the negotiations, and Jones said he wouldn’t have a problem with talks going into the season. He added that the agents for the three star players have not ruled out continuing talks into the season either.

Cooper and Prescott are entering the final year of their contracts, while the Cowboys have picked up the fifth-year option on Elliott’s contract for 2020. But Elliott has pressed the team into dealing with him now by holding out.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones has said the Cowboys are not seeking to become market-setters, and Jerry Jones seemed to parrot that Tuesday.

“I’ve got to realize that I could let a DeMarcus Ware out of here because I don’t have enough money, because I paid it to too many others,” Jerry Jones said. “That happened to me. I don’t want that to happen again. And we’ve got some top talent here.”

17 responses to “Jerry Jones is “squeezing and waiting for help” in negotiations

  1. horrible analogy Jerry, but your point is correct, you have more than 3 guys needed to make a complete team

  2. That is some strange analogy, but he is correct…too many talented players that need to be paid in a year or two. BB is a master in managing cap and the Seahawks are taking a page out of Pats’ playbook. The Seahawks paid all their defensive stars…B Wagner, R Sherman, E Thomas, K Chancellor, Bennett and then had to sign guys from the street to play O-line. BB only paid Devin McCourty and Hightower and traded guys like Collins, Chandler Jones for picks/players. This time the Seahawks smartly tagged and traded Frank Clark to the Chiefs. Jerry Jones will have to look at trading some of his good defensive players down the road if decides to pay Dak, Zeke, and Cooper.

  3. But there is only room for one straw, if you will, that stirs this teams drink. Who’s it gonna be?

  4. Why the hell did Jerry give that stupid analogy just to explain he doesn’t know what to do haha. He is going to wait for Dak to show he isn’t worth the money especially if Zeke doesnt come back week 1 to carry that offense.

  5. Dak,Zeke,Amari,Byron,Jaylon…. They can prob can keep two of them. If I was Cowboys I’d pay Dak, trade Zeke, let Amari walk, pay Byron, and pay Jaylon.

  6. Ah, the old cut your hand off and don’t know what a hand is but you wait for help analogy. Kind of chliched now but still describes the situation perfectly.

  7. Somewhat drastic analogy even for Jerry. He’s always good for a quote though got to give the man that.

  8. Instead of the new version of the Tripkets. Dallas has the 3 Amigos…with Cooper, Dak, and Zeke. They’re called the 3 AmEGOS.
    They want to be highest paid per position and Jerry offered each one top 5 paid but outside Zeke they’re not even top 10..Ego’s!!

  9. Jones doesn’t belong in the pro football HOF (he probably bribed his way in). But he definitely belongs in any comedy HOF. Jerry has that rare gift of making people laugh without ever intentionally trying to be funny.

  10. Prescott is under contract this year and can be tagged the next, to me that’s really simple.

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