Looking at the best left-handed quarterbacks of all time

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It’s International Left-Handers Day. Which for a pair of left-handers who co-host PFT Live made it a very important day.

Even though the right-handers who rule the world relegated our one day of the year to August 13.

We commemorated the occasion by drafting the all-time best left-handed NFL quarterbacks. Chris Simms did not make the list. Six others did.

Check out the video. Did we miss anyone? Or, I should say, was anyone left out?

33 responses to “Looking at the best left-handed quarterbacks of all time

  1. Boomer and Young.

    Boomer Esiason = 37920 yards

    Steve Young = 33124 yards (w/ Jerry Rice and John Taylor)

  2. Obviously it’s Steve Young and then everyone else, but Mike Vick threw the nicest deep ball I’ve ever seen.

  3. R.I.P. Greater Cincinnatian (Kentuckian- Highlands H.S./U.K.):

    Jared Raymond Lorenzen

  4. You don’t know how good Steve young was if you are going by his stats , he was in the USFL and then buried in Tb then again buried in the bench behind Montana his stats would be almost doubled

  5. kcflake says:
    August 13, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Don’t forget Patrick mahomes. He threw it left handed to tyreek hill for a 1st down last year vs. The Broncos.

    dude dont be like the pats fans and turn every thread into something about your team and its QB.

  6. He probably was the best at throwing interceptions.

    dogtrack2000 says:
    Let’s throw (no pun intended) Jim Zorn into the mix…

  7. Simms is right, Zorn or Douglas over Tebow. Florio contradicts himself calling Douglas a runner then takes the runner Tebow. At least Douglas set the NFL record for rushing yards (994) for a quarterback in a season. And Zorn (who could also run) was the better overall quarterback than either one.

    But Snake belongs at #1. Namath and Stabler were incredible athletes at the quarterback position. The era the played in wouldn’t allow either one to be an ultimate duel threat like a Steve Young. Had Young played in their era defenders would have taken his legs from him too. I very well remember the end for Stabler as a Saints quarterback. Then a grizzled old veteran who could barely walk, much less run. I was in the stands at Texas stadium as Snake was trying to guide the Saints to their first ever winning season. In the 4th quarter Snake had the Saints moving into field goal range vs the Cowboys. When guard Brad Edelman blew his block and they came crashing in on Snake to end the game and ultimately his career. Snake still guided the Saints to their first ever non losing season in their history.

    Stabler was involved in 4 of the biggest named games in NFL history. Scoring a near 50 yard rushing touchdown vs Pittsburgh to put the Raiders ahead the series before the ‘Immaculate Reception’. Then of course the ‘Sea of Hands’ that Florio spoke on. Which I believe ended Miami’s undefeated streak as well as their Super Bowl runs. Then there was the ‘Ghost to the Post’ in one of the greatest 2nd half playoff games in history vs 1976 NFL MVP Bert Jones and the Colts. And the ‘Holy Roller’ vs the Chargers where Stabler intentionally fumbles the ball forward resulting in an NFL rules change.

    The man forever known for studying the playbook by the light of the jukebox was the best left hander I’ve ever seen.

  8. 1. Steve Young. He dominated the position for about 5 years and had the highest QB rating of any quarterback during that time. He won a Super Bowl, but then he listened to people who told him to stay in the pocket more and he got injured often because of that. He was pretty injury free when he scrambled.
    2. Ken Stabler. Also won a Super Bowl.

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