Nick Foles stays after practice to run wind sprints in Jacksonville heat

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Nick Foles finally has a team that believes in him as its franchise quarterback, and he’s not going to take that lightly.

Foles, who signed with the Jaguars this offseason, is working so hard in training camp that he chose to do wind sprints all by himself after practice on Monday, when the heat index in Jacksonville was 102. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Foles was outside running 10 sprints of 50 yards each after his teammates had all gone inside to the air-conditioned facility. The only teammate who saw Foles do it was Calais Campbell, who stayed outside to conduct an interview and described Foles’ approach in one word: “Leadership.”

Although he’s been both a Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl MVP, Foles entered the seasons when he received both of those honors as a backup. This year he’s the entrenched starter, and he says he’s taking it upon himself to shape the culture in Jacksonville.

“We’re building it. The culture’s very young. It’s starting. We’re getting there. We’re not there; we want to grow closer every day,” Foles said.

Whether Foles can be a difference-maker in Jacksonville remains to be seen, but he’s making it clear that no one is going to outwork him.

30 responses to “Nick Foles stays after practice to run wind sprints in Jacksonville heat

  1. A certain team will rue the day they didn’t stick with this clutch, championship winning QB, just because they wanted to go with the “bigger, stronger looking dude” who can’t seem to stay on the field.

  2. As an Eagles fan, I am really rooting for his success in Jacksonville. Success takes more than talent. He has talent, and he seems to be doing the right things to take Jacksonville to the next level.

  3. Hopefully his actions will attract other player’s on this team. As a Jags fan, Foles has been everything opposite of a disappointment. I understand he hasn’t played a down yet, but the guy is putting in extraordinary effort since signing in Jax. We all know that’s usually not the case with players nowadays (even after signing an enormous contract). The only other Jaguar player I can think of that displays similar attributes is DE Calais Campbell. (I’m sure all teams have some as well)
    I believe his (Foles) “Unwavering Faith + Extraordinary Effort” is the recipe of “MIRACLES/SUCCESS.”

  4. Leadership. The problem is if nobody follows it won’t help. If he’s the only one running sprints today then we’ll know how many of those on the Jags team want to win or are only interested in cashing their paychecks. I remember reading a story about Larry Bird always staying after practice to work on his free throws. That inspired most of the rest of the team to do the same. However, you have to have guys who want to win. If Foles is alone today then he may wish he had signed somewhere else instead of this team of losers.

  5. Richard Nguyen says:
    August 13, 2019 at 11:20 am
    A certain team will rue the day they didn’t stick with this clutch, championship winning QB, just because they wanted to go with the “bigger, stronger looking dude” who can’t seem to stay on the field


    This narrative is tired. If you go back and look at Foles’ career he has never started more than 11 games and has also had injury issues. He went 2-1 during the regular season leading up to the Super Bowl and should have been 1-2. He caught lightning in a bottle and rode it to a ring. Your post is a perfect example of the ill informed, knee jerk reaction society we live in. I’ll say it again, nostalgia doesn’t win Super Bowls

  6. @pmlangan

    That “lightning in a bottle” outdueled the great Tom Brady, crushing Belichik’s Patriots defense to a record setting Super Bowl performance. Then the next year, when Wentz was hurt (again) and floundering toward a losing season (not winning a single game against a winning team), Foles came in again and downed the Texans (division winner) and the Rams (NFC Champion) to will them into the playoffs. He had a shot to win the game with an (as usual) clutch drive before a perfect ball went through Alshon’s hands.

    Sure, pal. “Lightning in a bottle” is Wentz winning 11 MVP level regular season games and everyone anointing him as the next greatest sure-fire hall of famer, even though he hasn’t done anything for the Eagles otherwise. Again, all he is is a big strong dude who seems to be made of glass until proven otherwise.

    Foles has proven he can lead and inspire a team to the championship. He’s done it. So don’t give me the “lightning in a bottle” nonsense to justify going Wentz over Foles.

    Typical casual football fan that thinks “athleticism” or “talent” is more important than actually stepping onto the football field and winning it all. Foles has done it. Wentz has not. It’s that simple.

  7. @1billsnation

    Not sure that Jags will get the Eagles Foles, since him and Pederson seemed to have a special kind of chemistry, but doubt Foles will sink as low as Rams version. Jeff Fisher is pretty much a QB-Killer. Look what happened to Goff after he got himself another coach. Not a top tier elite by any means, but so much better.

  8. @Richard Nguyen

    I’ve forgotten more about football then you’ll ever know,. You seem to just ignore the fact that Foles has also had injuries and never finished a season. Foles willed them into the playoffs? HAHAHAHAHAHA They made it into the playoffs due to a combination of 5 teams winning and losing. The percentages of making the playoffs were less than 10% and they got lucky. Then the eagles lost to the Saints because Foles couldn’t score a point in the second half. Typical sample size football fans fail to pay close enough attention.

  9. @pmlangan

    Sure, pal. The reason it was “lucky” is because they didn’t start Foles earlier and had Wentz mucking up the season. Do you see him beating Houston or LA based on the trash he was losing to? Your so called football expertise is nothing more than selective blindness.

    You want to talk about sample size football fans when you’re trumping up Wentz based on a bunch of regular season wins? Please. Again, all this just to justify your unsubstantiated fascination with the physical talent made of glass.

    I bet you’re one of those people that would have gone back to Drew Bledsoe after Tom Brady won the SB. Or in a draft, you would probably take an Andrew Luck instead of a Joe Montana because Luck “looks the part”.

    Even assuming that Foles is no more durable than Wentz, we know he can clutch up and lead a team to the championship. We don’t know anything about Wentz other than his propensity to get hurt. It takes a certain character to win the big one. Foles proved he had it.

    I’ll throw your words right back at you. Nostalgia over Wentz’s flash in the pan MVP level season doesn’t win Super Bowls. But Foles did.

  10. Seriously, it blows my mind when people call Foles a fluke. And Wentz isn’t? Bad rookie season. Great season but hurt. Bad season and hurt. That seems like a fluke to me.

  11. @Richard Nguyen

    You do realize Foles started the season, right? And played so poorly that they rushed back Wentz which contributed to him being hurt again. And you keep reinforcing my sample size point by citing 1 or 2 games. Wentz has also played a compete season, which Foles never has.

    Based on a couple regular season wins? You mean the 21 that got them home field advantage in the playoffs and directly contributed the the Super Bowl win? I don’t think you understand what sample size means. And your Bledsoe/Brady point is so ridiculous it doesn’t need to be addressed.

    He can clutch up, but is there proof Wentz can’t be clutch? Oh yeah, your Mr Clutch missed a wide open Ertz against the Saints that would have sealed the game. I guess my blindness wore off on that one. You’ve been romanced by Jeff Hostetler Part 2.

  12. “Wentz mucking up the season”

    Completion percentage – 70%
    TD/Interception ratio of 13/2
    Had the 12 highest QBR in the league…….with a broken back

    But yeah, he’s a bum

  13. Your Hostetler 2.0 had a season where he threw 27 TDS and 2 picks in 10 games (he didn’t start the first 6), basically your boy Wentz’s equivalent of a good season. Seriously, you want to talk sample size? You want to talk about Wentz directly contributing to SB with some regular season wins but dismiss the guy that personally curbstomped the Vikings and Patriots (on neutral site)?

    Again, it would not be so galling that you were down Foles if you didn’t raise up Wentz as the “better bet”. It’s just ridiculous. Wentz has not done anything that Foles hasn’t done before but Foles has done things Wentz hasn’t done (delivered PHILLY its first football championship in nearly 60 years).

    Sure, there’s no proof Wentz isn’t clutch… but that’s because he can’t get his own rear end into a meaningful game. He has played none. Zero. Through his own shortcomings.

    And yeah Foles started the season, they were 1-1. Wentz took over and left them sub-500 when Foles came back in to reel of 3 straight quality wins to save the season.

    Again. What the heck are you basing your conclusions off of? Doubt Foles? Fine. But put up Wentz’s resume instead? That’s laughable.

  14. @PM

    Yeah… a broken back. As in hurt again. You do realize elite QBs are almost never hurt in their careers, right? Especially not this early.

    And as for your stats, it’s cute to call up aggregates and averages, but those hide the ugly fact that he was losing against bad teams leading his offense to 23 or fewer points in all their losses.

  15. No ones dismissing what Foles did, but you have to move forward. The reason the Eagles were successful when foles came in last year is because the defense gelled. You really need to go back and look and some scores and stats and not be romanced by a guy that had one good season 6YEARS AGO.

    Potential is the word that is escaping you. Foles played the game of his life at the right time, you’re not going to get that consistently. 11 games of dominance and over the board solid number is not nostalgia nor is it a sample size, having a storybook run as you ride the lighting to a ring absolutely is.

  16. @Richard Nguyen

    Elite QBs are never hurt? How old are you?

    Joe Montana
    Dan Marino
    Aaron Rodgers
    Drew Brees
    Steve Young

    And those are just the Hall of Famers off the top of my head.

    Come on man.

  17. Dude, the defense didn’t just “gell”. Foles led the offense to 30+ points against Rams and Texans and the defense gave up 30 to Houston. Eagles needed all 32 of those points to win.

    At least you admit that your bet on Wentz is about “potential”. You’re prospecting. But based on their resumes, there’s just no reason to think Wentz has better potential. You think you’ve got Foles pegged. Journeyman level QB who got hot. I get it. But Wentz right now is a kid with a huge set of question marks. The worst kind. Can he stay healthy and can he lead them to meaningful wins.

    I’m not expecting Foles to light the world on fire either, but he was the right fit with that Eagles team and that coach. It will have been a tremendous waste of a great opportunity if Wentz doesn’t rise above what he has offered so far.

    As a gambler, I would rather take my chances with a guy who’s done it (fluke, lucky, lightning, whatever you want to call it) over a guy who hasn’t.

  18. Yeah, that’s cute buddy. You did read the qualifiers (almost never) and (especially this early) right? How old are you?

    Brady lost a single season 7 years into his career and one only in nearly 20.

    Manning played 13 years before he had to sit out.

    Do I need to even explain Brett Favre to you?

    Aaron Rodgers started 5 seasons before he started getting hurt and has missed time in 2 of 10 seasons as starter (and he’s the softest of the modern bunch).

    Brees missed time in one season of nearly two decades.

    Marino played 10 seasons before missing time in a wicked era.

    I guess I’ll give you Young and Montana? But you’re going to compare eras?

    In the last 20 years, top signal callers just do not miss time. Even if we go to your Russell Wilson (who is most in harms way with his style), Matt Ryans, Phillip Rivers of the league. Heck Eli Manning (not elite but) had an iron man streak until a boneheaded decision broke it for Geno.

    QBs are the most reliably available position in the league. You can’t argue that Wentz is not an outlier.

  19. The defense absolutely gelled as did the special teams. Field position has a lot to do with those 32 PPG. Its not like Foles was throwing for 350 a game and the stats back up my point.

    I’ve been watching football long enough to know exactly what Foles is: A career back up who can occasionally step up. Lucky for him his biggest career game happened to be in the Super Bowl. He’s slightly better than Jeff Hostetler. This same argument was presented back then and we know how that turned out.

    As far as there resumes, Wentz’ is far more consistent, Foles just played his best game ever in the Super Bowl

    And I don’t see how you can say Wentz never won a big game. ALL divisional games are big games and he walked into and limped out of LA with a win after tearing his ACL, which many QBs have done.

  20. Your statement was “Elite QBs almost never get hurt” “and especially this early” which would be a side point, try to keep up because your just wrong on this one and I gave you a list and now you’re back pedaling and trying to tailor your argument. It doesn’t matter, they all still missed significant time. And if you think QB is the most reliably available position I need some of what you’re smoking. You might want to watch football for a few more years.

    P.S. Drew Brees also dislocated his elbow in 2006 but I guess we won’y count that

  21. Oh and Aaron Rodgers sat behind far for 3 years, tough to get hurt when your not on the field. So that means he got hurt his second year as a starter, just like some other QB I know

  22. LOL you deliberately misinterpreted what I said to make a false point and then call me backpedaling and making “side points” that were literally said together in the same statement. Sure, pal. The point still stands. Elite level QBs are reliably available to play for their teams. They all have ironmen streaks. They are available. Wentz came into his rookie year hurt. He ended his second year hurt. He ended his third year hurt. NO ONE in that list of people you gave (even injury prone Montana) started their career like that.

    Whatever, you can continue to twist words to back up the delusion that Wentz is somehow in the norm for the type of franchise QB you wish he’ll become. He isn’t.

    You need to watch more football if you think he is.

  23. No one has twisted your words. Your argument is unsubstantiated and short sighted. You’re argument is based on nostalgia. And I guess you missed my point about Aaron Rodgers so you’re wrong again on your “NO ONE” statement. Maybe youre watching the wrong football.

  24. First of all, Foles is more than a career backup. He’s good enough to start on a handful of teams. You’re both a little extreme in your assessments of Foles/Wentz. Wentz is the better QB talent wise and potential wise. Foles is a great leader but has had the benefit of being in the league for 8 years to gain perspective, insight and leadership skills. Carson may be as great a leader, he might not…but Wentz’s leadership right now has yet to be determined. He was a good enough leader in only his 2nd year to get them to 11-2 and help them secure home field in the NFC, however. Sorry, Foles will forever be a legend in Philly but I’m taking Wentz every time.

  25. Foles is a legend, but Wentz is the future. 32 out of 32 GMs would take Wentz over Nick.
    end of story.

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